Historical and Touristic Places of Bursa Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Kalerer: The construction of the bursa castle is b. I. It is based on centuries. Today the length of the ramparts is two km. It is up to.

Mosque and mosques
Mosque and tomb, emir sultan mosque and tomb, great mosque (mosque kebir), muradiye külliyesi, hüdavendigar mosque and kulliyesi are important mosques and mosques in bursa which is an important belief tourism center.
Bursa mosque and its buildings

Church and sinegogs
There is also a place for patient care in the church covered with wood and brickwork. It is estimated to have been made in the 19th century. In the early 16th century, The synagogue built by selim is on the street of arap şükrü. At the end of the 14th century, the first mosques of the Jewish community, which had been deported from Spain and were accepted by the ottoman empire, were put into bursa and this synagogue was established. Genesis synagogue ‘s today’ s structure is extremely robust, well – maintained, worship is kept open. Synagogue, also known as the tree of life synagogue, is important because it is the first synagogue in the ottoman era. The bursa conquest of the orhan bey time, a ferman was removed to allow the establishment of the etsa alay synagogue. This synagogue was constructed in the mallorca island of Spain in the 15th century by other Jewish cousins ​​who were accepted as the ottoman empire and settled in Bursa, and they received the name of Mayor inspired from the name of the island they came from. The activities of the mayor synagogue and the dead wash section are already in use.

The commanding queen, located just below the grand mosque, by orhan bey, xiv. It was built in the second half of the century. A two-storey portico lined up around the inner courtyard, and the rooms that open here are the first examples of Ottoman inns. In the middle of the inn is a fountain and historic plane trees. The cemetery is located on the republic caddesi, from the grand viziers of the lawyer semiz alizade xvi. Century. The han, known as the haji ivaz-payigah, located next to the demirkapı bazaar, made a haji ivaz pasha of the ahi bayezid in xv yy and presented it to çelebi mehmet. (Arabacılar khan) ivaz pasha mosque located next to this inn, built by çelebi mehmet. It is the biggest of the inns in Bursa. This inn, located between the grand mosque and the orhan mosque, Bayazıt was built in 1490 in order to bring income to charities in Istanbul. It is the most beautiful and most densely used house of Bursa. In 1508, Sultan II. BayazIt was built to provide income to the foundations in istanbul. There is a historic plane in the courtyard of the inn.

National parks and protected areas
Uludag national park

Which is rich in thermal resources, is the famous spice of Bursa (grasshopper), the faded garden springs, the rumble springs, the gemlik (terme) springs and the pear springs.

Bursa springs

Ayvaini cave

South of marmara sea, there are beautiful natural beaches in the province of karacabey, mudanya and gemlik and beautiful beaches on the shores of iznik and ulubat (apolyont) gardens. Yeniköy, Bayramdere (malkara) section and Mudanya have long and wide natural beaches until the zeytinbağ cut. These sandy beaches are well-sanded, sandy beaches are in Bayramdere, Yeniköy-Mudanya part of the coast.

Recreation places
The waterfall, which is 3 km away from the village of Derekızık, is poured from a bed. This promenade area where meat grill restaurants and buffets are located around the waterfall is heavily used by bursaries. 18 km to the city of MustafaKemalpaşa. A piece of paradise in the distance is poured 38 meters above the waterfall waterfall. And falls between a height of 15 meters through the full cliffs carrying the snow waters of Ulusag. It is 30 km from Bursa-Çorukpınar, reaching to the linen springs in a stable way 5 km from the village and then to the waterfall.

Bird watching area
The Iznik Lake Bird Area, the Uludağ Bird Area, the Ulubat Bird Bird Area and the Kocaçay Delta Bursa.

Marmara basin

Kocaçay deltası

Sporting events
The world famous uludağ ski resort is on the bursa border.

Uludag ski center is located in a region rich in wild animals. There are four important bird areas in Bursa. These are uludağ, iznik lake, ulubat lake and kocaçay delta. Uludağ is suitable for summer and winter nature walk and 6 preferred tracks are determined.

Oteller region-paradise rock paradise: the starting point is 1865 meters above sea level, and there is an insatiable nature walk along the northern slope of Gemlik Bay and the view of all the mountain villages on the southern slope. The distance to the track is 2000 meters.

Oteller region-yellowing-cobankaya parkuru: The starting and ending point altitudes end at 1850 meters and 1750 meters altitude and there is a magnificent forest environment adorned with gleaming roads along the way. The distance to the track is 5200 meters.

Oteller district-softaboğan şalalesi parkuru: this starting point is 1800 meters altitude in this forest course is Uludağ waterfall, pond and waterfall descending in taras. Water voices and unique scenery, the marvelous panorama of bursa rug will result in nature walking. The distance to the track is 6000 meters.

Oteller district-inns district-connected village park: It is possible to see the extraordinary hospitality of the Anatolian people when descending to the mountain villages at the peak of descent starting from 1865 meters altitude. The distance to the track is 7500 meters.

Oteller district-zirve hill park: climbing to the summit of 2487 meters, the Uludağ and its surroundings show spectacular views of the nature and the vegetation cover and a panoramic view of the sea of ​​a sea on one side of the apollon lakes. The distance of the track is 7615 meters.

Wolfram-mines region-lakes country park: At 2300 meters altitude, you can feel the magnificent atmosphere of glacier lakes (black lake, mirror lake, ocher lake, icy lake), with butterfly species unique to the uludag, accompanied by mountain landscapes, to experience the splendor of observing mountain flowers. The distance of the track is 9800 meters. There are hasanağa and kırcaali youth and scouting camps belonging to the youth sports provincial directorate on the coast of gemlik. They are 175’er bedded in the summer months, 10 times a day as a 4-circuit allows the young people from all over Turkey to camp.

Bursa forests
In addition, the pond camping area in the uludag national park is also used for camping activities for student and scout groups. The shores of Iznik and ulubat are very suitable for youths. International participation around the lake is open sailing, swimming, surfing and camping training.

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