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Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

The accommodation costs were one of the biggest fixed costs of my travels. I traveled in Oceania and South East Asia for almost 2 years as a low-budget backpacker. I had a limited budget ($ 50 per day), so even every $ 1 I would save was important to see and explore new places.

When I met the hostel on a 1 month trip in New Zealand, the whole life line changed. As someone who prefers to spend every penny in my pocket to discover and act, I am now staying in hostels as much as possible on my travels.

Best hostel websites
I have traveled longer since I have discovered alternative hostel options from the hostel; As well as spending less money. Today I will talk about the best hostel sites we can use to reduce our accommodation costs here.
Best hostel sites

# 1- Hostelworld
HostelWord is one of the best and best second-generation hostel booking sites in the world, one of the best hostel websites that provide me with the cost of accommodation on my trips.

A website that helps find the hostel that offers the best balance of quality and price. Both Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Tablet Android applications and the iPhone I use, I can easily make my reservations wherever I want. Turkish language option is available. I have Android and IOS app.

# 2- Hostelbookers
One of the world’s largest second-generation hostel booking websites, allowing you to find cheap hostels for backpackers. I have made my hostel bookings through this website many times.

You do not pay a service fee or a commission when you book through the site. is a website that will keep some money for those who like me in an economic accommodation. Unfortunately, there is no Turkish language option. IOS and Android app.

# 3-
Everyone may prefer a different accommodation. We use to find more cheap hotels. This site also has a good hostel database although it is not like the first 2 options. Interestingly, I was the most used hotel booking site on the last Balkans tour. Once you introduce your credit card to the system, you can make reservations in minutes. Payment is made at the entrance to the hotel.

Points and comments given by those who have already been hosted in a hostel are one of the main factors determining the hostel preference. is like a treasure in at the angle of reviews. Be sure to check out the reviews written about the hostel without reserving a hostel.

There is a Turkish language option. I have Android and IOS smartphone app.

# 4-
I especially recommend Agoda for those who are traveling in South Asia. Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong.

If you want to see the hostel and guest house options in the destination as priority; Destination, date, and other information, mark the 1 Star or Starless box on the left hand side of the page. Since accommodation in Asia is cheap, you can focus on guest house options instead of hostels.

The reviews of millions of people who have made reservations with also provide valuable data. There is a Turkish language option. There are smartphone applications.

# 5-
Hostel search engine, among my alternatives. While visiting individual hostel sites, one place offers the opportunity to compare prices from all hostel booking sites.

Hostelworld,, HostelBookers, and are the search engines and rank the most affordable hostels. It also shows reviews and user scores on other hostel sites.

It can be considered one of the world’s largest hostel databases to offer 47,366 hostel or guest house options in 8,965 cities from different parts of the world. There is no Turkish language option. I have Android and IOS app.

# 6 –
Hostel, Bed & Breakfast, budget hotel and other accommodation options available online. He can make more than 35,000 listings from 180 countries around the world. It is possible to take advantage of the hotel guest comments and opinions left by real customers.

There is no Turkish language option. I have Android and IOS app.

# 7-
Although I like, which offers booking service for more than 5,000 hostels worldwide, I have never had the opportunity to book a hostel until now. The blog page is enough to draw attention to itself (English). There is no Turkish language option. No iPhone and Android apps.

Check out Hostel Nedir for more information.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also different hostel websites such as,,,, They can look at them as they wish.

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