Bozcaada History and Touristic Places

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Bozcaada is a small island in the north of the Aegean Sea, connected to the province of Çanakkale. It is located at the entrance of the Dardanelles Strait as the third largest island of Turkey. The settlement is located in the district center in the north-east of the island. There is no village other than this.

Area of ​​Bozcaada
The area is 37.6 km2 with islets around it, 38 km around. The distance from the island’s ferry terminal to the mainland is only 6 km.

Transportation to Bozcaada
Transportation is provided by a large car ferry and the journey lasts an average of half an hour. In the summer season, the number of mutual flights is under the number, while the number is lowered in winter.

Population of Bozcaada
The population of Bozcaada, where Turks and Greeks lived together for 500 years, is around 2500. Throughout history, the Greek Cypriot population, which receives immigration and emigration, is now only 25-30 people. The number of people who have come and settled in big cities in recent years is increasing day by day. The population of the island varies from 5000 to 10,000 with tourists coming in the summer. In winter, the population can go up to 1000. There is an elementary school and a high school in Adada. Around 300 students are studying.

History of Bozcaada
Leukophrys in ancient times, Tenedos in Greek mythology, Bozcaada has been invaded and changed hands many times during the ages due to its strategic position.
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Bigi: History

Bozcaada Castle
The magnificence of Bozcaada Castle reflects the rich history of the island. The island has been open to invasion for centuries due to its immediate exit from the Bosphorus and its close proximity to the mainland.
Turkey: Marmara: Çanakkale: Bozcaada
Type: Historical Work: Castle

Bozcaada Ayazma
From the word ‘hagiasme’ in Greek, the Pill stands for holy water. This is where the natural water source is found in many parts of Turkey. Bozcaada’s Pine is located in the southern part of the island.
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Type: Religious Structure: Church
Activity: Travel

Bozcaada Göztepe
When you reach this highest point of the island (192 mt.) You are like a big ship in the middle of the sea.
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Bozcaada Museum
Bozcaada Museum is a unique venue for tourists who are aware of the place they visit. This collection, which reveals the rich history of the island, was founded entirely on individual initiatives.
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Type: Museum

Bozcaada Viniculture-Winery
Viniculture and winemaking is the heritage of the past that has reached the present day with the accumulation of 3000 years.
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Activity: Food & Drink: Wine

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