Caves are shedding light on human history

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

The known history of Diyarbakır dates back to 12 thousand years ago, but the caves in the region are shedding light on the ancient ages of Milat. Research shows that people have stepped in here for the first time. In this sense, there are many places to visit the city.

Diyarbakir is a city where 33 different civilizations are cradled. In the last few years his neck has been bent, but now he wants to break his skin. The Islamic world’s 5th Harem-i Sharif Ulu Mosque, 27 martyrs sahibenin Hz. The Süleyman Mosque, the historical fortifications, the tombs of the prophets (Zülküf-Hz.Elyesa) and the four-legged minarets are just some of the places to be seen. The known history of Diyarbakır dates back 12 thousand years. The Hassuni caves in Hilar and Silvan in Ergani, which shed light on Milat before, sums up human history. Those who want to make a historical trip as far as the Palaeolithic turnover are worthy of the city. Caves are witnessing an important historical turning from hunting and gathering into food production to village life in nomadic settlement.

According to the time story, Hilar Caves, for example … It’s an hour away from Diyarbakir. The settlement has been on stage since the Palaeolithic period. The Hassuni Caves near Silvan were used as settlements in the Mesolithic period and continued to settle in the antiquity especially in the first years of Christianity and in the Middle Ages. Some of the Hilar Caves have been used as rock tombs for about 200 years before the 1st century AD and after the 1st century BC after Milat. The rock tombs in the area still retain their originality.

Kartiktepe is located in the Bismil district of Diyarbakir. It dates back to 12,000 years ago. 198 human skeletons removed from the mound in the region indicate that the site was once used as a settlement area. The tombs placed on the base of the house indicate that the people sanctify the place they live in that sense.

The first seeds of civilization were laid here

The Çayönü Hill near Ergani, which gives the best example of the oldest agrarian village communities in Anatolia, sheds light not only on the region but also on the history of world civilization with its history dating back to 10 thousand years ago. Çayönü is witnessing an important historical turning from hunting and gathering into food production to village life in the nomadic settlement. Research shows that people first stepped into the agricultural area by mowing the soil here, showing that the cult of living among the four walls is here again. Scientists say that the first seeds of civilization have been thrown around and spread to the world.

33 different civilizations such as Hurri-Mitans, Anatolians, Urartians, Scythians, Medlar, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Sasanis, Byzantines, Umayyads, Abbasids, Seljuks, Artukids, Eyyubids, Mongols, Akkoyunlular, Safeviler and Osmanlılar , It shows how serious the center of attraction is.

Ergani District Governor Erdinç Yılmaz says that Hilar Caves and Çayönü Tepesi are the oldest settlement places that have a history. Yilmaz pointed out that these places were the first farming in the sense of civilization and that animals were domesticated. “This place sheds light about 12 thousand years ago. When local and foreign tourists arrive here, it will be as if time has entered the tunnel. Everything looks like the first day. Everyone must see the polished rocks. We are inviting the world to take Turkey thousands of years in advance. ”

Silvan District Governor Yunus Sezer says that Diyarbakir is one of the richest cities of Turkey in history and cultural scene. Silvan tells us that it is a city with very old histories: “The Southeastern Anatolia region is a place with a few natural beauty. This is a city of civilization older than Diyarbakir. In these caves there is everything needed for a city life. Hasuni Caves were built as apartment blocks carved with huge rock fragments. These are 3, 5 and 7 storey caves. He’s amazed at the sight. Hasuni Caves, like many places in the east, deserve to see the interest they deserve in tourism. “

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