Did you see the Ihlara Valley?

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

The natural formation of the Ihlara Valley, its sheltered structure, made it an important place for the Christian religion. In the Ihlara Valley, which is a monastery center since the 4th century AD, there are many churches that have the frescoes, paintings of the period. The churches that are in the vantage and whose membership is known are of special importance for the scientific world. Because it is very difficult to precisely dated the churches that take place in vigor. The closed Greek Cross and the free cross plan, single and double nephew rock engraving churches are integrated with the waters of the Melendiz Stream flowing from the middle, with the right and left on the steep slopes of the Vadin. According to the natural structure of Ihlara Valley, IV. It has been used by monks and priests since the 19th century as a very convenient retreat. The religion of Christianity has started to spread among people who speak different languages. The low literacy rate makes it difficult for some people to know Latin and spread the religion. For this reason, in the churches to spread the religion, the life of Jesus, the subjects of the Bible, the religions and their events were applied with fresco technique on the church walls.

It is possible to see scenes such as the birth of Jesus, the Annunciation to Mary, the visit to Egypt, the Last Supper, and the Last Supper in frescoed churches in the valley (Sibdle, Yilanli, Kokar, Agacalti, Purenliseki, Egritas, Kırkdamaltı, Bahattin Samanlığı) . There are also important churches in Selime Town and Yaprakhisar Village which are in the vantage point. Selime Castle, Dervish Akin Church, Dogan Nuvası Church.

The Ihlara valley welcomes visitors every year as it affects visitors who harbor historical beauties as well as natural beauties.

According to Museum.gov.tr, entrance fee to the museum is 8 TL.

You can visit Müzekart for 2 years and Müzekart + for an unlimited period.

Source: Museum.gov.tr

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