Historical and Touristic Places of Balikesir

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi
Balikesir is very rich in historical artifacts, spas and resting and camping facilities by the sea. Located in the Marmara and Aegean seas, Balikesir is Turkey’s most developed and distinguished tourist region.

Yıldırım Mosque and Complex: It is the oldest Ottoman work of Balıkesir. It was built by Yıldırım Bayezid in 1388. The mosque, the madrasah and the cathedral from the imaret are in a large courtyard. It was repaired in 1818 and 1897. The madrasah has 12 rooms.

Zaganos Pasha Mosque and Complex: It was built in 1461 by Zaganos Pasha from the viziers of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The mosque, the tomb and the hamam, the hammam from the mosque only came up to daylight as the first state. The mosque and the tomb, which were destroyed in the earthquake of 1897, were rebuilt in 1908. Caminin mihrabı has all the features of Turkish art in the last period.

Green Mosque (Hisariçi Mosque): The mosque, which is not known to have been built by someone, was repaired by Külahçızade Hacı Mustafa Efendi in 1786. It’s in the old jeweler’s neighborhood.

İbrahim Bey Mosque (Hacı Arif Ağa Mosque): It was built by Mehmed Çelebi, son of Zağanos Paşan in 1465. The mosque, which was later demolished, was rebuilt by İbrahim Bey and in 1899 Hacı Arif Ağa was repaired. Minaresi is the three honorable.

Namazgah: It was built in 1433 during Karesi Beylik period. It’s in a broken state.

Hamidiye Mosque: It was built by Sultan Abdulhamid Khan in Ayvalik. It is the only artifact dating from the Ottomans in Ayvalik.

Ulu Mosque: It was built by Abdullah Efendi in 1382 in Edincik.

Kurşunlu Mosque: It is in Edremit and it was built in 15th century for Yusuf bin Habib from the well-known Ulu. Although it is known that the glass is a medressine, it has not reached the daylight.

Eşref Rumi Mosque: Edremit. The mosque, which reflects the last period features of the Ottoman architecture, was built by foreign architects.

Hüdavendigar Mosque: Sultan Murad I was built during the Han period. The first period carries Ottoman architectural features.

Hacı Ahmed Mosque: It is in Burhaniye and it is the only one in this place. Granite was used on the walls of the square planed glass.

Karesi Bey Tomb: Karesi Bey and his five sons are of this kind. Turbenin was made in Ampir style during the period of the original Ottoman Empire.

Pasa Sultan’s Tomb: Haci İl Bey is next to the elementary school. 1471. There are two sarcophagi inside, one belongs to Pasha Sultan.

Kız Dede Tomb: It was built in 1413 in Edincik’s Hisar Mahallesi. The son of Veli Bey bin Hajji Yakub is buried.

Ali Shuri School: It is in the Sahnihisar neighborhood. It was built by Ali Şuri in 1862. Although destroyed in the earthquake of 1897, it was rebuilt by Kadi Abdülhalim in 1906. Today it is used as a primary school.

Taşpınar Bath: It was built in 1401 by Subaşı Eyne Bey. Today it is used as a store.

Clock Tower: In 1827 Balikesir Sancak beyi was built by Giridizade Mehmed Pasha as the Galata Tower. Although destroyed in the earthquake of 1897, Mutasarrıf Ömer Ali Bey rebuilt.

Occupying places: Balikesir is a very rich village in terms of its natural beauties. The rest of the surrounding area is a major tourist attraction. Bird’s Paradise National Park has an international reputation. Çamlık: An in-forest resting place on the Izmir-Canakkale highway. Değirmenboğazı: It is a resting place in the forest 10 km away from the city center. Kertil-Mudur: It is a resting place in the forest near the Sındırgı county and it is on the old Balikesir-İzmir highway. Çağış: It is a resting place in the forest on Balıkesir-İzmir highway. Sütüven: It is a forest resting place on the Izmir-Canakkale highway and is 20 km away from Edremit.

Bird’s Paradise National Park: It is on the Balıkesir-Bandırma highway. National Park, located on the shores of Lake Manyas, covers an area of ​​667 decares. It’s 18 kilometers to Bandirma. Each year, during the migration, 2-3 million birds from 239 species visit. There is also a bird museum in the park.

Gönen Mosaic Museum: It is located on the site of Gönen Kapıccaları. Here are the most robust mosaics of Turkey. M.S. There are mosaics of the 5th century.

Hot Springs: Hot water is beneficial for human health from almost every part of Balıkesir province.

Pamukçu-Bengi Spa: It is 20 km far from Balikesir. Hot spring waters are good for drinking with stomach and diabetes, and beneficial results are obtained from the baths in rheumatism and vascular stiffness.

Balya Mountain Spa: Balya is located in the town of Ilıca. It is beneficial for bathing, rheumatism and skin diseases.

Hisarköy (Asarköy) Thermal Spring: It is located in Hisarköy, which is connected to Bigadiç district. The waters of the spa are used for bathing and drinking. Sulfuric and steel waters in rheumatism, skin and gynecological diseases; Acid and carbonated water are used indigestion with gastric and intestinal diseases.

Derman (Bostanci) Spa: It is 3 km away from Edremit. Bath applications are useful for rheumatism, joint, nerve, vascular diseases, gout, kidney diseases and gynecological diseases.

Güre Kaplıcası: It is on the Izmir-Canakkale highway. Bathrooms are good for rheumatism, women and skin diseases.

Gönen Thermal Spring: It is in Gönen district. There are various resources on the 600 square meter area where the captain is located. Sour water gushing from under a rock 200 m away from the spas is healing many diseases, including cirrhosis. This sour water with high radioactivity is stable with laboratory experience, which strengthens the hormones and increases body dynamism. It is good for water, kidney and urinary tract disorders, liver diseases, intestinal libido and all kinds of parasites. The most remarkable of the Gönen coated spiders is the mountainous healing of hormonal infertility 13 km away from Gönen. The hot spring water at 68oC contains sodium, calcium, sulphate, bicarbonate, phosphorus, radon and carbon dioxide. Gönen bathers; Gynecological diseases, post-operative and post-accidental joint stiffness, rheumatism and arthritis, liver and gall bladder disorders, mental fatigue, developmental disturbances in children and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Emendere (Ilıcaköy) Thermal Spring: It is 7.5 km away from Sındırgı district. The radioactivity is high, and the baths are good for painful diseases, rheumatism, scabies, boils and skin diseases.

Hisaralan Kaplıcası: It is 18 km away from Sinali county. Bathrooms are useful for rheumatism, skin, stomach, vascular and gynecological diseases.

Bran Plate: It is on the Susurluk-Bandırma highway. Baths are useful for rheumatism, sciatica and nervous diseases. The spa also has a good and useful mud called the moor in the international literature. Mud baths are useful in rheumatism, nervous diseases, polio and gynecological diseases.

Hisar Thermal Spring, Hozluca Thermal Spring, Karaağaç Thermal Spring, Dutluca Village (Ekşisu) Drinking, Pelitköyü (Zeytinpınarı) Drinking, Suçıktı (Acıcasu), Sarısu Thermal Springs, Kösemdede Thermal Springs, Güre Thermal Springs, Zeytinliada Thermal Springs, Ekşidere Thermal Springs, Manyas Sand Springs Thermal Springs , Gökçedere Thermal Springs, Ömer Village Thermal Springs, Mountain Thermal Springs and Acıcasu Madensuyu are the other thermal springs remaining in the provincial borders.

Resting places by the sea: Ayvalık, Sarmısaklı, Altinkum, Çamlık, Ali Bey Island, Burhaniye, Ören, Edremit, Akçay, Göl Pınar, Altınoluk, Erdek, Çuğra, Zeytinliada, Bandirma, Livatya, Gönen, Karakum, Taraca, Marmara Island, Avşa Island, Paşa Harbor, Ekinlik Island and Çınarlı Village are the seaside resort centers.

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