Historical and Touristic Places of Batman Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi
Since Batman province developed after 1950, historical and touristic places are not enough to be tried. Since the calcareous structure occupies an important place in the geological structure, there are many caves. In some villages, caves are used as houses, animal shelters and cold storage. There are historical monuments in the city of Kozluk.

Hızır Bey Mosque: In 1512 Sason Bey was built by Hızır Bey, the son of Abu Bakr Raski. It is in Kozluk, the largest camisole in the county.

İbrahim Bey Mosque: It is not known in 1705 that the construction date of the mosque built by Ibrahim Brain from the Garzan tribe and who was built by him. The minaret is decorated with geometric motifs and inscriptions. It’s in the Kozluk district.

The earliest information about the history of Batman is given in the history of folklore, myths and Heredot. According to the joint statement, the grandson of MED king Abtyagestin opposed Kyros Erpagazso BC. Due to the embarrassment of the MED novices, when the 550 was defeated, the MEDs had to retreat to the lands on the northwestern tip of the illegal Media area. According to another opinion, Kyros settled in this region in order not to be under pressure. Karaçalı created an artificial island in the middle of this region consisting of reeds and swamps and was called “ELEKHAN” in the name of the inn. (546 BC) ELEKHAN After an independent and happy period of 194 years, he underwent the invasion of Alexander the Great in 352 AD. Later, Lesepkos, Parthians, Romans, Sassanis and Byzantine came into dominance. Artuksular, Mongols, Ilhanlılar, Celaliler, Karakoyunlu (Pezrese) Akkoyunlu and 1500 years in the history of Savefiler.

In 1515, during the 4th Murat campaign in Baghdad, Mahmut Pasa, the son of Turhan, who showed great interests to him, gave the entire area between Batman water and Botan water, which contained ELEKHANI. After this development, ELEKHAN changed its pronunciation and in the public language, ELAH received “ILUH” name in time. Iluh passed through records as a village unit and Siirt province continued its identity due to the accident of Elmedin.

In the spring of 1926-27, the settlement of Elmadine was removed from the map due to the flooding of the present Batman River and bound to the village of Beşhir (Kobin) in the village of İluh. There is no opinion about where the Batman name comes from, and according to one opinion, the name of today’s Batman Tea was given to the Iluh village in the early 1950s. According to the common opinion, when the first trial tower was built at the lower part of the Iluh village, it was called Batman, who looked at the region where TPAO’s facilities were located.

Iluh, transformed into a subdivision in 1937, has undergone major development in each area in the Iluh valley as a result of the evaluation of the oil sprouts that existed in the region in the late 1940s and early 1950s. These developments were accepted as the district organization on 2 September 1957.

The municipal organization was established on November 2, 1955, when the population of Iluh was recorded as 4713 in the general population census of 1955. Having experienced a rapid development until 1990, Batman has become the 72nd province of Turkey with the Law No. 3647 dated May 16, 1990.

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