Historical and Touristic Places of Uşak Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Uşak province is famous for its natural beauties, historical works, rich transportation possibilities and adequate sanitary water resources. It has every opportunity in terms of tourism. His major historical works are:

Ulu Jami: The construction of the castle, which attracts attention with its interesting structure and solid structure in the bazaar, is not certain. The inscription on the portal is a fountain that Germiyanoğlu Süleymânşah’s son Yâkup Bey made in 1419. It is estimated that this is done in these mountains. Some of them have lost their originality because of the tamars they see.

Burmalı Câmii: The construction date is not certain. It is estimated to have been made in the 16th century from Mimari style. He has seen tamar in various times. The minare is the cylindrical body on the right side of the entrance. The bricks are arranged in various forms at the façade to bring out the designs.

Cakaloz Câmii: It is in the Kurtuluş neighborhood. The construction title is unknown because it is not the Kitabesi. It is estimated that the Sultan Abdulhamid Han on the minaret and crown door was built in the 19th century. All the characteristics of the Ottoman philosophy changed by Western influence can be seen.

Şeyh Hacı Kemer Tomb: It is in Cuma Mahalles. Türiyü Germiyan Beyi Süleyman Şah’ın dâmâdı Sheikh Hacı Kemal Effendi meddumuz lady. Kemal Efendi, Naqshibendi was a shiite shiite and an extremist.

Çatalköprü: The bridge, which was established on the Gediz River near the village of Yenişehir at a distance of 45 km from Usak, was built in Seljuk time. Its length is 145 m and it has three arches.

Çanlı Bridge: It is on the Dokuzsele Creek. It is understood that Emir Sipahsalar Şucâeddîn Kızıl made it in 1256 of his book. Width 3, length 8 meters.

Beylerhan Bridge: It is near Beylerhan village on Gediz River. The construction title is not certain because it is not the Kitabesi. It was made during the first periods of the Ottomans. It is also known as Köprübaşı, Sarıkız and Güre Bridge. The bridge, which is seen in 1894, is 50 m long and 3.5 m wide. It comes in six eyes, three large, three small.

Halıpazarı Bridge: It is located on the Dokuzsele Creek in Uşak. It was made in the time of the Ottomans. Length 2, width 5, height 3.5 meters.

Victory Monument: It is in the village of Göğem, 15 km away from the city center. During the War of Independence, the Greek armies stood on the hill where the commander-in-chief General Trikopis was delivered. Trikopis and his headquarters Süvâri Bölük Commander Sivas Lieutenant Ahmed Bey handed over to Colonel Dadayli Hâlit Bey, Commander of the Caucasus Front, on September 2, 1922, at 22.30 pm.


Citadel of the Seljuks: The excavations made in the Selçikler village of Sivaslı province found remnants of the old city of “Sebaeste”. The found works are Hittite and Roman devrine. Trainopolis (Flaviopolis): It is in Ahlat village of Banaz. It is a city remains from the Romans. The Byzantine Emperor Traianugs had rebuilt the city. Leşker Rock: It is located in Uşak Bozkuş village. It is rock tombs from the Franks. Ulubey: Near the stunning village, burials were found from the Romans and in the soil. Sülümenli: Two sculptures from the Romans, palaces, castles and theater remains. Katakekomene Sitesi: Today’s Eşme is here.

Mesire Place: Uşak, Mesire location and natural beauty is very rich in our province. Some recreation places are:

Çevreköy Akse Çamlığı: It is a resting place in the forest at a distance of 3 km from the city center. The region is covered with red, willow and poplar trees. A stream flows through it. The view is very beautiful.

Evrendi: 1 km distance to the district of Sivaslı Bulkaz Mountain resting place on the skirts of the forest. Fill the water and pine trees.

At the site: The rest of the forest is located at 4 km distance to Banaz district. It is covered with black pine and red pine trees. It is the most beautiful promenade in the province.

Rare: It is a forest rest place to the south of Murad Mountain. The reed water which is the source of Gediz Nehru originates from this pine tree.

Göğem Village Çamlığı: It is in the village of Göğem, 15 km away from the city center. There are rest houses in the pine. The care and income of these houses is reserved for the villagers.

Drinking and Spas: Uşak is rich in sanitary waters. From these sources, Hamazoğazı sanitary water and Aksaz Bath are the most important ones.

Hamamboğazı Ilıca and Drink: It is 7 km distance to Banaz district. It comes in four sources. These are Ekşi Suyu, Sarıkız Ilıcası, Gazos Suyu and Karakazan Suyudur. Sour water and Gazos water are at 18 ° C and they are drunk. The other two sources are at 37 ° C temperature and there are pool baths. Accommodation facilities are good for rheumatism, nephritis, neuralgia, and gynecological diseases, as the water of the insufficient water of the liver, the liver, the bile ducts and the urinary tract diseases.

Aksaz Thermal Spring: It is at the edge of Aksaz Creek at a distance of 25 km to the town of Ulubey. It is boiling down from 5 different points under a large granite rock. The water is at a temperature of 39 ° C. There are no accommodation facilities but stay in tents. It is good for the diseases of the liver and bile ducts in the hot spring water and for the diseases of the women with rheumatism neuralgia, nephritis, fractures and dislocations as baths.

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