Historical and Touristic Places of Yozgat Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Yozgat is rich in natural beauty and historical artifacts. Many of the historical works of Yozgat, which are on important commercial roads, have not reached our time. His main works are:

Ulu Jami: It was built in 1779 by Mustafa Bey of Çapanoğlu. It is also known as Çapanoğlu Câmii.

Capanoglu Süleyman Bey Cemisi: It was built in 1794 by Çapanoğlu Süleyman Bey. The cutting stone workmanship is great for the art of interior and exterior ornamentation. These two casinos are referred to as inner and outer casinos since they are at the front of the Grand Umin.

Cevahir Ali Efendi Câmii: It was built in 1788 by Ali Efendi. It is quite rundown today.

Başçavuşoğlu Camii: It was built in 1880. The art of wood beads is great. Tavanı Baroque is covered with motifs.

Çapanoğlu Câmii: It was built in 1749 by Ahmed Pasha. It is in the Yerköy district. Stone work and interior decorations are very beautiful.

Clock Tower: In 1870 the Municipal Reich was built by Tevfikizade Ahmed Efendi.


Ankova Harâbeleri: There is a remnant of Ankova, an ancient Hittite city, in the village of Alisar in the district of Sorgun. Many works were found to illuminate Hittite. Most of them are in the Museum of Ethnography. This mound contains 5000 years of artifacts. They are said to be of copper and bronze age. Çengeltepe Höyüğü: In the village of Çengelköyü of the central district, the first bronze devrine monuments before the reign were found. The walls of the buildings built four thousand years ago are still standing. Kerkenez: It is an ancient Hittite city. Hattusha: It is the Hittite capital. It is surrounded by a mound of seven kilometers. The city is entered from the 7th gate. It is a unique example of Hittite imagination with underground passages. Besides these ruins, there are written rocks that symbolize religious beliefs. Türüdüler Village Caves: It is in Şefaatlı district. Târihin is a cave from ancient ages.

Stories: Bosphorus; It is a historical capital. Çeşka Castle: 5 km distance to the city center. Goat Castle: It is 25 km away from Yerköy province.

Mesîre places: There are many places of mesure spread in various places of the province. Some of these are:

Çamlık: 5 km distance to the city center. Çamlık, which is close to 264 hectares, was converted to a national park in 1956. It is a resting place with clean air, abundant water and a wonderful plant cover.

Meadowland: It is located in Meadowland. It is a lush forest that has been made of larch, spruce, oak, beech and poplar trees. He is ready to hunt and camp.

Dark Creek: It is located between Yerköy and Şefaatli. Pulling water flows through the middle. There is a place with greenery, game animals and fish.

Akdağ Forests: The Akdağmadeni area is covered with forests. It is a nice picnic place with cold water springs and springs. Fight the game animals.

Drinks and spas: Yozgat is a city rich in springs and sanitary waters. Important spas are:

Sarıkaya Thermal Springs: It is in the Sarıkaya district, 79 km distance from the city center. Accommodation facilities are good for the waters of the hot spring, rheumatism, neuralgia, nephritis, skin and gynecological diseases.

Karadikmen Kaplıcası: It is in Karadikmen village connected to Akdağmadeni district. The drinking water of the non-existent spring water is good for rheumatism and gynecological diseases such as liver, bile ducts, intestinal diseases and urinary tract diseases, bathing as 4-5 glasses a day for drinking.

Yeşilova Hot Spring: 2 km distance to Sorgun town. The hot springs available in the facilities are useful for bathing rheumatism, nephritis, neuralgia and gynecological diseases as well as drinking, intestinal, intestinal, liver and bile duct disorders. It is 38 km far from the city center.

Yerköy Thermal Springs: 3 km distance to the Yerköy district. The inadequate spa water is beneficial for rheumatism, nephritis, neuralgia and gynecological diseases. It is 36 km away from the city center.

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