History and Tourist Destinations of Bilecik Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi
Bilecik ili, south of the Marmara Region; Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Aegean regions. The oldest known names of the province are Agrilion and Belekoma. Bilecik is the land where the Ottoman Empire was born. Established around the Sakarya Ridge and known for its wealth of ponds and streams, the region traces its daily history from ancient times.


The provinces of Bilecik; Bozuyuk, Gölpazarı, İnhisar, Osmaneli, Pazaryeri, Söğüt and Yenipazar are the other.

Bozüyük: Bozüyük is a settlement center formed during Phrygian period. After 1908, Ertuğrul Livası was connected to the accident center. With the province of Bozüyük Bilecik, the provincial status was reached in 1924.

Gölpazarı: Gölpazarı, connected to Harmankaya Tekfurluğu during the Byzantines, was taken by Osman Gazi. Gölpazarı has been named as Resulşel, Dönen and Akçaova (Akçaoba) since the foundation of Gölpazarı and finally it has been named Gölpazarı.

İnhisar: Inhabar is a sub-district connected to Söğüt, but the district was built in 1991 due to its geographical position despite its modest population.

Osmaneli: Osmaneli is a very old settlement; The remains of the Thracian, Romans and Byzantines show this.

Marketplace: The first settlement in the bazaar was in 1273. The pazaryeri also continues to produce souvenirs and tourist goods and souvenirs.

Söğüt: Söğüt was taken from the Byzantines in 1232 as a result of a siege and struggle by Ertugrul Ghazi. Ertuğrul Gazi Turbesin is also an important tourism center.

Yenipazar: Yenikazar, whose former name was Kırka, was bound to the district of Göynük of Bolu before the Republic. It was connected to Gölpazarı as a sub-district in 1926 and became a district in 1988

Environmental Attractiveness

We hope you will come to see these undiscovered places of Bilecik filled with incredible beauty. When you come to embrace the nature; You will see the beauty of green, thyme-smelling mountains, springs, colorful flowers, unspoiled, uncontaminated ponds embracing the grand plank, pine, fir trees, coolness, blue, greenery. Drinking blood from the clear waters, breathing clean air; Each of them is so beautiful in its own charm – you will not be able to take your place. Here are some of these beauties;


Kömürsu Yaylası
Bozüyük District 34 km. In the distance fir, black pine, beech, juniper, covered with various flowers. It is an important spring in terms of winter tourism. The plateau with 90 hectares has an altitude of 1,700 meters.

Flowering Plateau
The elevation is 1,906 meters at the three-point location with the thyme fragrant flowering plate covered by clean air, cold green waters, lush green grass, colorful flowers, forest texture and endemic plant “Çimtien”.

Sofular Plateau
30 km from the town center. The average height of the plains covered with pine and fir trees in the distance is 1,600 m. He’s around. Yayla is important for tourism. The plateau has 104 hectares of open space. It is suitable for rural tourism, camp-caravan and nature walk.

Uzunçam Plateau
Beech, pine and a variety of other trees in the plateau, 14 km from the Pazaryeri District Center. Away.

Occupancy Locations

Pelitözü Pond
7 km to the city center. In the distance, the pond is covered with pine trees; Especially in the weekends, due to its ease of transportation and wide area.

Küçükelmalı Pond Around
Pazaryeri Located 10 km away from the town center, near the Küçükelmali Village, is a resting place in the forest covered with pine trees. There are tennis courts, playgrounds and tables, benches, stoves, toilets, children’s playgrounds. The altitude of the pond, which is also suitable for youth and scout camps, is 950 m. It is nature sports and cultural park. There is an angling fishery and a nature walk around the pond.

Bozcaarmut Pond Around
It is a promenade area which is surrounded by fir and pine forests around 15 km from the center of the district near Bozcaarmut Village and is suitable as an angling and camping and resting place. The altitude at Bozcaarmut Pond is 1.051 meters.

Turbine Location
7 km from Bozüyük district center. Away. In; Restaurants, outdoor eating places, camellia, children’s horticulture and cabins. It is a preferred recreational area that attracts attention with the water and the water flowing through it.

Kınık Waterfall
The water coming out from the rock near the Central Kınık Village Alamandere location gives an interesting view. The distance to the city center is about 25 km.

Atatürk pavilion
It is 22 km to Bozuyuk District. In the distance, in the forest texture of Gulalan Mevkii a beautiful example of civil architecture, the beauty of the mansion and its surroundings arouses admiration.

Dodurga Dam
The dam and its surroundings near Bozüyük Dodurga Town are the preferred places for rest and angling.

Upper Çaylı Waterfall
Yenipazar District, the waterfall of the waterfall in the Upper Çaylı Village and the surrounding area is of interest.

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