İzmir History and Touristic Places

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

From Kemeraltı Bazaar, Mezarlıkbaşı district, it draws a curve that encloses the sea front and reaches the Konak Area. Today, Kemeraltı Bazaar is the most important shopping center of İzmir. In addition to the mysterious vault and domed shops of Eskin, it is a site that can appeal to all kinds of shopping with its modern business centers, shops, cinemas and cafeterias.

It is possible to find all kinds of traditional Turkish handicraft ceramics, tile panels, wooden products, tombaklar, carpets and kilims, leather products in this market. The elevator, which was built by Jewish businessman Nesim Levi for convenience to those who want to go to the top of Mithatpaşa, is now one of the prestige points of İzmir. The arrangement, which was built in 1928 with aesthetic values ​​on the front panel, made the elevator a center that meets social needs. The elevator building, which has a theater stage, cinema hall, gazinosu and a photographer in 1930s, is considered as one of the indispensable of İzmir. The historical elevator was restored in 1992 by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in accordance with the conditions of the day and became a cultural complex. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality’s re-arranged cable car facilities are growing with insatiable views. Sports enthusiasts can experience exciting moments with paragliding and special climbing lanes at facilities that offer ample opportunities for sports and nature lovers. Culturepark is one of the areas where İzmir is the greenest in the city. It is the main recreation area of ​​İzmir with zoo, typical palm trees of Mediterranean and green vegetation, sports and entertainment facilities. In the Culture Park, since 1936, the International İzmir Fair is opened every year at the end of August. A different green environment in İzmir is Ege University Botanical Garden. This is the only botanical garden of our country which is the most competent and international in nature. The garden has many plant species belonging to a very wide geography, from the tropical regions to the Alpine Mountains on artificial conditions. Approximately three thousand plant species are available. Hundreds of trees and bushes are grown in Arbeterum. There is also a Herbarium Center where dried plant specimens are preserved and on which scientific research is carried out.

Ancient Cities

Ephesus ruins

The settlement area located in Tepekule district in the north east of İzmir Gulf is known as the first settlement area of ​​İzmir. City of BC It is understood from archaeological findings that it was founded in 3000 BC. The upper part of Bayraklı is 205 m. The tomb of the mythological king known as the tomb of Tantalos on the nose of his height, There is a structure dated to the 7th century. B.C. In the 4th century, the city of Lysimakhos, one of the generals of Alexander the Great in Izmir, built in a position dominated by the bay, developed in the slope facing today’s Kadifekale (Pagos) Hill and tepenin the inner lima. Roman and Byzantine influences can be seen on the walls of the acropolis ruins in the ancient city of Kadifekale. Having great potential in Anatolian trade, İzmir has become a very organized and developed city with its gymnasium, stadium, theater and agorans as well as its large aqueducts and cisterns. Today, the southern walls and the five towers in the west are seen from the Middle Ages. The aqueducts, formerly known as Kızılçullu and located in Şirinyer, are located on the Meles (Kemer) Stream and were built to bring water to the city established in Kadifekale. The Agora, located at the Namazgah-Tilkilik location in the Konak district of İzmir, is a state agora belonging to the Roman period. It is a place where political meetings and elections are held. A large portion of the agonist has been unearthed in excavations. Today only north and west are open. Poseidon, Demeter and Artemis belonging to the Roman period located in the northern structure are exhibited where they have reliefs. The excavated artifacts and some sculptures are exhibited in İzmir Archeology Museum.

Mosque, Church and Sinegogs
Hisar Mosque, Yalı (Konak) Mosque, Salepçioğlu Mosque, Kestane Pazari Mosque are the most important glasses of Izmir. Some other mosques are as follows: Şadırvan Mosque, Başdurak Mosque, Kemeraltı Mosque (1812), Faik Pasha Mosque (repair 1842), Han Bey Mosque, Hatuniye Mosque, Şeyh Mosque, Fettah Mosque, Yalı Mosque, Ali Ağa Mosque, Selvili Mescit Mosque , Abdullah Efendi Mosque, Two Çeşmelik Mosque.
Mosques and Churches of Izmir

St.Polycarp Church
St.Polycarp Church, built in 1625, is the oldest church in Izmir and is worth seeing.
Address: Necati Bey Bul. No .: 2, Tel: 0.232.484 84 36
Open all year

St. Dom Cathedral John
Address: Şehit Nevres Bul.29 Alsancak, Tel: 0.232.484 53 60
Open all year Address: Halit Ziya Bul. N0: 67, Tel: 0.232.484 86 32
Open all year

Notre Dame De St. Rosarei
Address: 1481 Sk: No: 8 Alsancak, Tel: 0.232.421 66 66
Open all year Address: 81 Sk No: 10 Göztepe, Tel: 0.232.2461145
Open all year

St. John Bapist
Address: Kemalpaşa Cad. No: 15 Buca, Tel: 0.232.420 08 42
Open all year Address: Kars Okulu Sk. No: 5 Bornova, Tel: 0.232.388 11 77
Open all year

St. Anthony of Pauda
1610 Sk. No: 5 Bayraklı, Tel: 0.232.341 06 16
Open all year

St. Helen
Address: 1729 Sk. No: 53 Karsiyaka, Tel: 0.232.364 36 22
All year open House of Virgin Mary: Address: Ephesus – Selçuk, Tel: 0.232.892 60 08 (St. Johns Church) Address: Talat Paşa Bul. Alsancak, Tel: 0.232.009 02 32/464 57 52

The Protestant Church (St. Mary Magdelena)
Address: Hürriyet Cad. No: 18 Bornova, Orthodox Church: (Aya Fotini) 1374 Sk. No: 24 Alsancak, Tel: 0.232.009 02 32/421 6992
Open only on big holidays

Bet Isael (Synagogue)
Address: Mithatpaşa Cad. No: 265, Tel: 0.232.009 02 32/425 16 28

Sinyora Iveret (Synagogue)
Address: 927 Sk. No: 7 CEMETERY

Şaar Aşamayım (Synagogue)
Address: 1390 Sk. No: 4 ALSANCAK

Berkholim (Synagogue)
Address: Dicesmelik Cad. No: 40

One of the important structures for İzmir is the Kızlarağası Han. It was supposed to be completed in 1745. The Han Ottoman architecture, which is in the place called today’s Yemişçiler and Halim Ağa Bazaar, is a rare work of art in İzmir. Having been restored in 1993 and now serving as a touristic bazaar, Kızlarağası Hanı offers a wide range of handicraft products, carpets, leather clothes and souvenir gifts.

The Aegean coast of İzmir is 629 km. It is 101 km nature beach (beach). Due to the geography of the peninsula and the coasts of Izmir, the water is also available for beach use except for the water. Selçuk-Pamucak, Urla and Gülbahçe, Çeşme-Ilıca and Altınkum, Gümüldür and Özdere beaches in the north and Dikili and Çandarlı, Foça-Yeni Foça beaches stand out in terms of their beach features. Access to the beach is extremely easy and affordable. It is possible to provide vehicles at every hour of the day from almost every district of İzmir central garage and Üçkuyular garage.

Yacht harbors
In İzmir province, especially the south of Cesme Peninsula constitutes one of the main yacht routes of our country. Çeşme-Kuşadası route is the most developed area of ​​yacht tourism infrastructure. Alaçatı Pier; Alaçatı is a paradise for the yachts, with rows side by side in the south of the town. There are 80 boats on the pier. There are many possibilities for lodging yachts. There are 20 boats at the Urla Pier, 175 at the fishermen’s bar, and 80 boats at the Uzbekköy bar. The spectacular view of the surrounding Güvendik Tepes near the skyline can be seen.

The “Agamemnon Hot Springs” mentioned in the epics of Homeros and the works of the geographer Strabon are used as healing dwelling in ancient times from this period. These spas, which were treated by a group of Alexander army, were even more famous at that time. Today, there is a district called “Balçova Spa”, a hot water mud bath and drinking water. The Balcova Spa, which currently has accommodation facilities, is more useful for chronic inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, nephritis, some inflammations, rheumatic syndromes, metobolism and skin diseases. The healing water found in Balcova Spas contains sodium bicarbonate and chloride. Thermal Tourism Centers Bayındır Ilıcası is located 8 km from Turgutlu road on the north east of Bayindir. It is made up of the Dereköy hot spring in the distance of the Ergendi. The water temperature in the covered areas, which are 15 minutes away from each other, is around 40ºC on average. Sulfur and sodium bicarbonate containing sauces are more successful in the treatment of rheumatism and skin diseases. In the north-west of Menemen, the Aliağa farm lies 15 km west of the parish center. The waters are booming in a cavern. The rocks were sculpted in the old period and the source was kept in a natural bath. People who experience discomfort such as delayed fractures due to traumatic causes, some diseases of the bone system, disorders of the blood circulation and the like are benefiting from these water. On the north-western side of Menemen, the hot springs are on the western edge of the lake bog. The warm and sulphurous water of the treatment in the form of water and mud baths is useful in cases such as rheumatism, skin diseases, reduction of bile and urinary tract stones. Nebiler Spas Dikili Ayvalik 4 km. To the right. There are hydroacetate ions in the hot spring where the facilities are located in order to meet the needs of the region. 15 km from Dikili. Away. It contains arsenic and hydroacetate. 15 km from Tire County center. It is located near the Uzgur Village on the southwest side and around Elem Lake (Bozköy). Warm water is used as bath and drinking. When used as a bath, rheumatism and skin diseases are good for child and gynecological diseases and when used as drinking it is useful for diseases of lung and food metabolism. Seferihisar Dogan Bey Thermal springs and hot springs located in the thermal region can be listed as follows: Cumalı Ilıcalar, Karakoç Thermal Springs, Kelalan Thermal Springs. Rheumatism and skin diseases, upper respiratory tract, fractures, gynecological diseases are useful in such disorders. The hot spring water located at the 41. Km (icmeler) area of ​​İzmir – Çeşme highway contains carbon dioxide and sodium chloride. Camping and room type accommodation facilities located around Ilıca are in need of regional response. It is located by the sea. It is stated that it is more useful in the treatment of stomach and intestines. It is 15 km from Urla town center. West of the Gulf of Gulbahce in the seaside at the same time has a hot spring. It is useful in the treatment of rheumatism and skin diseases.

Bozdağ Gölcük Plateau of Ödemiş District, Subatan Plateau in the same region, Karagöl on the Yamanlar Mountain in the north of Karşıyaka county, Kozak Plateau on the Madra Dağı in the north from the mountains surrounding the Bergama county are suitable for daily recreation and plateau tourism.

National Parks and Protected Areas
Izmir Natural Monuments

Izmir Caves

Bird Watching Area
Foça Islands Gediz Delta İldir Gulf Islands Küçük Menderes Delta

Sports Activities
For hunting there are wild boar hunters in and around Izmir (especially around Çeşme). In the Karaburun Peninsula, wild boar hunting is also available, and wild hunting animals are hunted. The animals to be hunted in the hunting grounds determined for hunting tourism are identified and announced in advance by the hunters association. Mountain climbing, which has developed especially in the last years between the youth and students in the İzmir region, is being considered and developed as a sport. The Balçova Tepesi and Yamanlar Mountain, where the Balçova cable car is located, are places where mountain sports are held at amateur level. Beyond that, the northern Madran Mountains in the steep descent of the Gulf of Izmir provide the last convenient facilities for mountain climbing with the altitude exceeding 2000 meters. There are forests and youth camps in Izmir where young people can benefit. İzmir Tourism Training Center İzmir Forest Camps İzmir Youth Camps The presence of the natural slopes on the northern slopes of the Bozdağ mountain range allows for skiing sports. Bozdağ Ski Center facilities, 22 bungalows, 12 hotel rooms, fireplace restaurants, cafes, bars, ski school, shopping, shopping and entertainment are all located within a short distance of 1.5 hours to İzmir and the Aegean’s highest and lowest humidity rate for peace, health and sports. Center and health services. The Bozdağ Ski Resort houses the Ildir Lake and the Küçük Menderes Delta from the important bird areas in the Küçük Menderes Basin, which is the site of İzmir province. Kucuk Menderes Basin Bird Areas İzmir’s koyll has convenient spots for underwater diving. Underwater Diving

İzmir has made a reputation as a cosmopolitan and cultural city. İzmir Cultural Center is often host to opera, ballet and music concerts. İzmir International Fair, which is opened every year in August, is an entertainment and industry exhibition. The theater, one of the most beautiful structures of the ruins of Ephesus, has remained quite intact and is now easily used in festivals like the Ephesus Festival with its restoration.

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