Kaş Hotels

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

This town is a charming holiday town, located between the sea and the mountains, like a pearl, combining Mediterranean blue waters, golden waters with the beach and the sun. Kas is built on Antiphellos ancient city. Lycia tipilahit, head of the cadden, which is the touristic shopping and entertainment center of Kaş in Liman descent, is now a symbol of Kaş. The whole environment of Kas has not been ruined by reconstruction.

The sea is one of the rare places that are immaculate. As you can paraglide from the mountains, underwater diving is incredible beauty. There is no beach in the center of Kas which is built on a rocky terrain. Only terraces built on cliffs can be swim. It is suitable for entering the sea at 1.2 miles south east of Kaş. For the beach, Kapitas between Kas and Kalkan is preferred on the beach. The beach is 20 Km away from Kas.



Club Phellos Hotel

90.242. 836 1953 90.242. 836 1890 https://hotelclubphellos.com/ * * *

Aquapark Hotel

90.242. 836 1902 90.242.836 1992 https://www.aquapark.org/ * * *

Pırat Hotel

90.242. 844 3178 90.242.844 3183 https://www.hotelpirat.net * * *

Kalamar Hotel

90.242. 844 3190 90.242.844 3194 https://www.kalkan.org.tr/ * *

Kayahan Hotel

90.242. 836 1313 90.242. 836 2001 https://www.hotelkayahan.com * *

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