Kırklareli Province History and Touristic Places

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Ancient Cities
It was enshrined by various tribes from the Neolithic period to the Hellenistic turn. Bones, stones and metal finds have been obtained since 1993. It lies north of Lower Pınar. It is one of the settlement areas which are exactly similar to the Anatolian bronze settlements.

As in the first bronze age settlements, the settlement is surrounded by a city wall. It is a small copy of the city of Troy. There are Megaron (courtyards) in the walls. Apart from these, there are many settlements (tumulus) known in Ild. Tilkiburnu (about 4000 BC near Pinarhisar), Koyunbaba Höyük, Helvacı Şaban Höyüğü are some of these.

Tumuli and Rock Tombs
There are 92 registered tumuli within the province of Kırklareli. It is understood from the excavations that the Kırklareli tumulus continued from the end of the Bronze Age until the beginning of the 4th-13th centuries BC – 3rd century BC. These; Kırklarelie, B, G tumulus, Alpullu Höyük Hill Tumulus, Lüleburgaz Kepirtepe Tumulus, Plain Forest Tumulus, Islam Bey Tumulus.

(Covered Rock Tombs): It is regarded as the earliest phase of the monumental tombs which are seen in many in Trakya. It is understood that the found dolmens (1300-800 BC) were used. These; Kofçaz, Dereköy, Kadıköy, Kula, Geçitağzı, Kapaklı, Düzoralan are located near the villagers. There are many in the vicinity of Kırklareli. The main usage period is Early Iron Age. Kırklareli Central Plums, Değirmencik, Ahmetçe Villagers, Lüleburgaz Civarı.

Mosque and Complexes
He is in the center of Kırklareli. Built in 1303 by Kösemihalzade Hızır Bey, the complex consists of a bath, a mosque and a mosque. It belongs to the Ottoman period and has the characteristic of being the most important historical artifact in the province. It forms a complex with baths, fountains and mosques. It is located in the district of Lüleburgaz. It is a magnificent Ottoman artifact with a 1570 mosque complex, a bath, a medrese and a caravanserai.

It is located in the province of Babaeski. It is believed that the mosque, the work of Mimar Sinan, was built between 1561-1565.

Churches and Monasteries
(Gazi Süleyman Pasha Mosque) is located in the Vize province. The church, which is located between the fortifications in the castle district, was built by Gazi Süleyman Paşa in XVI. Century. Visa is located in the province. It was made by carving rocks on the slope of the northern vineyard of the town. It is located in the Kıyıköy district of the visa district. It is completely carved in the rock mass and consists of three sections. Other monasteries in Kirklareli; Kaya Monastery (Kaynarca) Byzantine Period Visa Cave Monastery (Vize Asmakaya Mevkii) Byzantine Period Ayanikola Monastery (Kıyıköy) belief Tourism

Kırklareli has a natural beach of about 50 km. The most important beaches are Kıyıköy, İğneada and Kastros.

40 km from the visa. . Located on a rocky ground dominated by the Black Sea, Kıyıköy Town is situated between two natural sites of natural beauty. Trout, carp and mullet fish can be hunted, motorized or boating can be done in these areas. There is a long, clean beach between Pabuçdere and the sea and camp can be established here in summer. In Kıyıköy, there are also nice fish restaurants for daily use and accommodation facilities outside cafes. The house pension is advanced. 25 km to Demirkoy. Kırklareli is 97 km. İğneada located at a distance of 40-50 m. Width and about 10 km. It has a long sandy beach. İğneada attracts many first-degree natural sites, especially in the immediate vicinity. 18 km to Kıyıköy. Kırklareli is 85 km. Kastros beaches, which are located at a distance, cover an area of ​​500 meters in length and 200 meters in width. The sea is clear, the beach is fine sandy and has a rocky structure in places. The north and south of the beach are covered with forests. In the beach area, there are tent camping, restaurants, buffet, WC, tea garden, drinking water.

National Parks and Protected Areas
Kırklareli Wilderness Protection Areas

Apart from Dupnisa Cave which is one of the important caves of Turkey in Kırklareli, it is the Captain’s Cave and Kiyiköy Cave in Vize / Kıyıköy, Domuzdere and Yenesu Caves in Vize / Balkaya.

Kırklareli Caves

Bird Watching Area
Needle Field Forests

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