Historical and Touristic Places of Artvin Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Transport from Borçka district to the local area is provided by 30 km of asphalt, 20 km of stabilized road and 50 km of road. The forests are forest ecosystems, not just of Turkey, but of Europe’s only human untouched forests, each with monumental characteristics. The Camili Basin has suitable bird watching areas due to the presence of predatory birds on migration routes. The area attracts attention with its red-scalloped trout at its level and the Maachael Balı, produced with pure Caucasian beans. A part of the Camili Basin is protected as “Gorgit and Ephesus Nature Protection Area”.

The Camili (Maçahel) Basin, which is one of the four points found in Turkey under the project “Biological Diversity and Natural Resource Management” (GEF II) project carried out by the World Bank financed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, is located within Artvin borders.

Borçka-Camili highway is separated from the 22 km. The lakes, which are under 3200 mm annual precipitation and continuous high relative dominance, have a rainforest eco system feature with virgin vegetation around them. There are camping sites and suitable trekking trails around the lake.

The Meydancık region, which offers a settlement example in harmony with nature, is a natural heritage of the magnificent natural beauties of Maden Village especially its wooden houses and most importantly the unique culture of its people.

Hatila Valley National Park:
10 km from the center of Artvin. Transportation is provided by a stabilized way. The interesting geological and geomorphologic structure of Hatila Valley and the unique plant communities are a rare feature of our country. In addition, unique natural beauty of landscapes are emerging as a result of these natural elements and rich recreational potential in this case.

Sahara-Karagöl National Park:
The Karagöl-Sahara National Park located within the boundaries of Şavşat District consists of two separate lands. Sahara, 17 km to Şavşat district. It is on the Şavşat-Ardahan Highway. Forest cover has come from the spruce and ferns. Areas with anthropogenic step features in the region cover large areas. Plants of alpine zona are found in Kocabey Plateau and its surroundings.

Gorgit-Efeler Natural Reserve Areas: Natural old forests are Natural Old Forests, which contain trees with the feature of being a monument and which are a very important parameter from the world’s natural conservation criteria. 3200 mm. It is a Rain Forest Ecosystem with virgin vegetation rising along deep valleys under annual rainfall and continuous relative dominance.

The Coruh River is one of the few rafting areas on earth. The 4th World River Championship was built on the Coruh River and announced its name to the world. It is among the few rivers in the Barhal Brook that is suitable for rafting. It consists of the junctions of the Altıparmak and Kaçkar Mountains with the Hevek Stream. May-July is suitable for rafting. The surrounding village on the Coruh River also has facilities built on a large area.

Bağcılar Monastery:
The monastery built on the area where the result of the correction of the slope of the entrance to the village is obtained; Church, chapel and other buildings, my time has reached a very ruined form. It can be transported by means of a rental vehicle or by village services.

Pırnallı (Porta) Manstır (Bağlık Mezrası):
Artvin is located in the Bağlık district of the Pırnallı village of the central district. It was built by Prince Khaouli, the grandson of King Ashot 1st, between 896-918. It consists of a bell tower, a chapel and a fountain. The layout of the monastery suggests that Tao Klarjheti is the most important cultural and religious center of the period. The monastery is reached by a footpath of 5 km after the 30th km of Artvin-Savsat highway.

Hamamlı Monastery (Church-Mosque) Hamamlı Village:
According to the inscriptions found in the church, the monastery was built by Sumbath, the king of the Iberian kingdom between 945-958, by the architect Gabriel. XIV. The building which sustained its activity as a monastery until XVI. Century. It was partially repaired in 1958 and it was finalized. It still continues to function as the mosque of Hamamlı Village. Transport can be provided by means of a rental vehicle or by village services.

Kaçkal Monastery Alabalık Village:
By Priest Grigor Kanzda VIII. It is understood from the written sources of the turn of the century that it was founded in the Bagratis period. The structure, which is still standing despite the destruction of the place, is not used for any purpose.

Walnut Manastırı Cevizli Village:
Şavşat is in the village of Cevizli and is 14 km from the town center. Away. The building was built during the period of Ashot Koukhi from the Prince of Bagratli, who ruled the area between 899-914. You may be transported by renting a car from Kiliseye, Artvin or Şavşat District or by village services from Şavşat district.

İbıklı Church İbkık Village-Fındıklı Neighborhood:
It is 20 km to Borçka district. It is in the Ibikh village in the distance. Medieval period is Bagratian artifacts. Transport can be provided by renting a car from the Church, from Artvin, or from Borchka, or by village services from Borchka.

Şavşat (Satlel) Castle:
Considering the similarity to the qualities of the Bagratid Kingdom, it can be said that the castle was founded in the IX century, reaching the day-to-day. After that Atabeklerin a time; In the XVIIth century, the Ottomans passed away, Evliya Çelebi, who traveled the region in the middle of the 19th century. It is a steep place in Shavshadistan. “

Ishan-Dağyolu Monastery Dağyolu Village:
It is in Ishan village of Yusufeli district. Kiliseye is located on the Oltu route via the 7 km. Road, which is separated from the 92 rd km of the state highway connected to Artvin-Erzurum by the north. The building was the first building VII. It was built in the middle of the IN. According to the manuscript dated 951, During the first half of IX.Y.Y., this day monastery was established under the leadership of Priest Saba during the administration of the Bagrat. The structure is of domed basilica plan type. In the southwest is the Mary Main Chapel. Renting a car from Kiliseye, Artvin or Yusufeli Town or transporting village services from Yusufeli district can be provided.

Altıparmak -Barhal Monastery (Church Mosque)
Altıparmak Village:
It is in Altıparmak village of Yusufeli District. According to the “Prayer Bible” known to be written in 973, the monastery was named “Baptistery Yahya” It was built during Bagrat (958-994). The church is made of three bridle basilical planes “Lamped” without depending on a mortar-free timber roof tiled from tiles made of chipped stone and cut stone. It is 30 km from Yusufeli town. Renting a car from Kiliseye, Artvin or Yusufeli Town or transporting village services from Yusufeli district can be provided.

Tekkale-Dörtkilise Monastery Tekkale Village School:
4 km from the Yusufeli district. It is located in Tekkale village on the southwest and is 7 km. Then on the way to the hamlet. It is understood that the monastery was built by the Georgian King David at the ninth and ninth centuries, and it is understood to be a nun in the building society. Monastery; Bell tower, dining hall, seminar room and chapel. The church looks like a Barhal church in terms of plan. The medieval period in the past is best reflected in the formation of the monastery. Renting a car from Kiliseye, Artvin or Yusufeli Town or transporting village services from Yusufeli district can be provided.

Yörgüç Paşa Mosque:
Sultan II. It was built in 1428 by Atabey Abdullah son Yörgüç Pasha from Murat’s Wizards. The molds and arches are periodically arranged in brown stone and white marbles. At the top of the entrance door is a well-written inscription underneath the deaf windows decorated with geometric motifs and flowers.

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