Tekirdag Province History and Touristic Places

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Tekirdag, which is bordering the Marmara and Black Sea, is a beautiful province with its beautiful forests, historical monuments and natural beaches. His major works are:

Rüstem Pasha Complex: It was built in 1553 by Mimar Sinan by Rüstem Pasha, the son-in-law of the Kununi Sultan Süleyman Han in Ertuğrul Mahallesi. Kulliye; The castle, the hamam, the bedesten, the madrasa and the library. The sun has reached the club, the library and the bedesten originally. The only single and wide dome and writings are an art masterpiece. The madrasah is in ruins. There is a part of the hamam just from stone and brick walls. The bedesten is a rectangular structure with six domes. It was built from a mixture of stone and brick. During the reign of Sultan Abdülmecîd in 1841, the final cadet was added and a five-sided fringe and ten faucets were built.

Old Cem: It is in Ertuğrul Mahallesi and there is no book. The first structure is burnt. Later, the castle was built in 1830 by Ahmed Aga of Tekirdag, Nahzir Nazi. The roof is covered with wood and the top is covered with tiles. The minare that was destroyed in 1912 is rebuilt during the reign of the Republic.

Middle Cem: It was built by Kürkçü Sinân Ağa. The old castle was demolished and the present castle was built in 1854 in place of the old castle. The ceiling walls are made of thick stones and the roof is covered with tiles.

Hasan Efendi Câmii: It is in the Hasan Efendi Mahallesi and built by Hasan Efendi in 1627. Hasan Effendin is near the grave. The minaret has seen tammir.

Sultan Süleyman Câmii: It is in the bazaar in Çorlu town. In 1521, the square planar structure made of black cut stone is covered with a round dome. The single honed minare is a cylindrical body.

Gâzi Ömer Bey Câmii: It was built by the famous commander of Fatih and the Mora Peninsula Fâtihi Gâzi Ömer Bey in Malkara county. It is ancient Ottoman civilization and it is still strong. There is a murder of Omer Bey in 1490. In 1830, he saw a civilian tammir.

Ayas Pasha Câmii: It was built by Sadrâzam Ayaz Pasha in the palace district. It is a small structure made of cut stone. The main room is covered with a dome. The small cylinder with a thin cylindrical body is the only one. 1769), the Islamic Giray Sultan (v. 1772), the Third Selim Giray Hanin (v. 1785), the Fourth State (v. Giray Hanin (v. 1780) and Şahbaz Giray Hanin (v. 1792) have graves.

Tekirdağ Museum: Artifacts from the Ottoman period are exhibited in ancient times. It’s pretty rich.

Rakoczi Museum: The Hungarian King The second Ferenc Rakoczi house in Tekirdağ between 1720 and 1735, the museum was restored. The items, weapons, oil paintings and wooden objects used here are exhibited. Rakoczi, who fought against the Austrian Emperor, took refuge in France and Sultan Third Ahmed Khan named Rakoczi the Hungarian King and invited the Ottoman State. He died in 1735. Later his bones were transported to Hungary.

Antiquities: Marmara Ereğlisi: BC It is an old city founded by the Samos in 601. Karaevli Village: It is an ancient town of Trak. The former name was Mokapora (Mocasura). Germeyan Village: Aproi-Apros-Apri in the Roman Period was a city with a name. Inecik: Old Trak is the city. It was developed in the Roman period. Barbaros (Banados): BC It is a metropolitan city established in the 6th century. Mesinli Castle Ruins: Mesinli village in Çorlu district. Besiktepe: There are castle remains on the top of a hill similar to Ahmedikli and Hacıköy bound to the central district. Sunny: It is an old settlement center near Saray town.

Occupying locations: Tekirdağ is a rich province with long sandy beaches, vineyards and forests in terms of natural beauty. In the middle of the summer, the sea shores flood the local people and the Istanbulites. The main recreational areas are:

Barbaros; 8 km from Tekirdağ is a very nice beach with a beautiful beach. Kumbağ: It is a tâtil village near the sea near 15 km from Tekirdag. Shallow Sea: The beach is a place where a large number of tourists come to the beach, of course, with its vineyards and forests. Çamlıköy: It is a place where the palace city embraces the sea with a beautiful view and natural beach forest on the Black Sea coast. Where Bahçeköy Der passed into the Black Sea in Kastro, a pond came to the waterfall. It is roamed in the pond and there are plenty of mulletfish in the lake. Çorlu Çamlığı: Çorlu-Lüleburgaz is a promenade decorated with cold and beautiful waters and lush pine trees. Degirmenalti: It is a nice promenade on the sea shore in 8 km distance to Tekirdağ. Murefte: It is a famous coastal town with its sea, beach, grape, fish and scenery. Ereğli Marmara: Summer tourism is very convenient. There are always plenty of fish. Wherever it is excavated, there is a historical work. Şarköy: It is a nice resting place with sea, fruits, beautiful waters and greenery. There are phaetons on the shore. Eriklice, Gaziköy, Hoşköy, Karaevli, Topagaç and Uçmakdere are other places of tasteless and resting places with their natural beauty.

Tekirdağ is available for hunting tourism. Freckle, snipe, partridge, yellowing, steppe, wild goose, wild goose and rabbit are hunted. Tekirdağ has 130 km in Marmara and 3 km in the Black Sea.

Hot Springs and Icons: There are no significant hot springs. There are no accommodation facilities available.

Avşar Drink: It is located near the Çanakçı village of Barbaros Bucağını, 21 km away from Tekirdağ. It is beneficial to mood disorders.

Coarse Puddle: It is a mud at a temperature of 21-24 ° C between Tekirdağ and Muratli, 7 km from Tekirdağ. The sludge, rich in bicarbonate, is good for rheumatism pain.

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