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Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

The prophets of Şanlıurfaya did not say it in vain. Prophet Abraham, who for the first time circumcised, presented the Feast of Sacrifice to the Muslims and laid the foundation of the Kaaba, was born on this land. Prophet Eyüp, who is the subject of song and poetry, has attracted his family to the cave on this land.

Urfa Balıklı Lake Location
The prophets did not say a word of honor to Sanliurfa. Prophet Abraham, who for the first time circumcised, gave the sacrifice feast to Muslims and laid the foundation of the Kaaba, was born on this land. Sabri and poetry, the subject of sagging, Eyüp Prophet, pulled his palace in the cave over this land. Jesus Christ, who invited him to the land, sent Urfalilara, his face wiped with wipes, and so Sanliurfa is known as the sanctified lands by the Christians.

The lake in the city center of Urfa attracts many tourists with the holy balm and its historical monuments. The fish in the sky are not defeated by being considered sacred by the people.

Urfa Balıklı Lake History
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who was known by Islamic, Judaism and Christianity, the three irrefutable religions, It is reported that Ibrahim was born in Urfa.

The story is that this is the birthplace of King Nimrod and the Prophet. It passes between Ibrahim.

Nimrod, who spent his time with the cruelties he had done, began to think of himself as a god and made great temples and put his own sculptures in it. The public also asked them to worship him as a god.

One day the bishop comes to King Nimrod and tells him that a child to be born that year will lift idolatry and kill himself. This man is Hz. It is Ibrahim. The king then orders all boys to be born that year. Azer, one of the soldiers of Nemrut’s arm, conceals Nuna Hatun when he is pregnant, to a small cave in the north of today’s Urfa fortress. Nuna Hatun, born son of Ibrahim, leaves him in the cave, and returns to his wife. According to a custom, Hazrat Ibrahim sucks his own basharma and is fed with milk from his paw, according to a new book, a gazelle sucks him. It’s been 15 months since, but Hz. Ibrahim seems to be a young man at the age of 15. When he grows up he takes his place near his father.

But he adores not the idols he believes, but the one God who believes that everything in the world is a creature. This is the rumor of his father and of course the casts of King Nemrut. It is forbidden to burn fire on that day even for food in the country, all the corpses are gathered and a great fire is burned. However, he did not just suppress Nemrut’s paganism, but also his daughter Zeliha. King Nemrut is against this situation. It gives the order to burn Ibrahim.

Today, when the Lake Balikli is located, a fire is lit up to a size that can be seen from all over the city. Ibrahim is throwing a horse with a manicure between two large pillars made on top of the head. However, fire is turned into a lake, and firewood turns into fish. Today the lake is considered sacred this day. Like the lake, fish are also sacred; Whoever believes that from these fishes will be blind.

After that day, the name of the lake becomes Halil-ür Brig. This name comes from the meaning of Allah. It reflects the sanctity of Ibrahim. Today the lake is known as Halil-ür Rahman and Balikli Göl.

In Ibrahim’s crying Nemrut’s daughter Zeliha’s tears, a small lake just beside the Balikli Lake is formed, and the name of this lake is Ayn-Zelihadir, which means Zeliha’s eye.

Today, the two pillars still believed to be used as manic on the hill opposite to the two lakes are still standing. According to Inanisa, there is water that does not end up under one of these columns, and endless gold underneath another; If one is destroyed, Urfa will be buried in gold, and if the other is destroyed, it will be buried in water that is as valuable as gold for Urfa. The Halil-ür Rahman Mosque built in 1211 by Balikli Göl, the sole founder of Ayyubid State, Salahaddin Ayyubi’s allegiance by Malik Esref, adds architectural aesthetics to the natural beauty of the lake.

According to an old custom, all the Anatolian lands are believed to fall into the occupation state and these holy fish will become angel soldiers and participate in the liberation wars. Sacred fish is called soldier fish.

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