Historical and Touristic Places of Sakarya Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Sakarya province is a rich city with natural beauties. Since the provincial lands are in the territory of Zelzele and on the roads of the historical invasions, the important part of my historical works has not reached my time.

His major works are:

Rüstempaşa Câmii and Baths: It is located in Sapanca district. In 1553 it was made by Mîmar Sinân, in the name of Rustem Pasha, one of the viziers of Khanûni Sultan Süleyman Han.

Orhan Gâzi Câmii: Orhan Gâzi was built in 1317. The central district. It was rebuilt by Sultan Abdulhamid Han. It is also called the Association of Ottoman Jami.

İmâret Câmii: It is in the district of Tarakli. Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan had been here before the Ridâniye Campaign and his vizier Yunus Pasha was built.

Shaykh Muslihiddin Câmii: It is in the village of Kaynarca, Küçük Kaynarca. It was made in the name of Sheikh Muslihiddin from the Muses of the Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.

Elvan Bey Imagination: It is in the district of Geyve. Cutting in the fifteenth century was made of stone and bricks. There is Elvan Beyin tomb in his hunting.

Sakarya Bridge: It is located in the district of Geyve. It was made in the fifteenth century. Fourteen arched stone bridges destroy two destroyed arches. It is also used today.


Basköprü (Justinianus Bridge): It was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus in the 6th century. He’s in Adapazari. The length of this stone bridge with eight eyes is 429 meters. The Byzantine Pontogephyra, Zampi and Tantaendie bridges are also available.

Harmantepe Castle: It is in Harmantepe village. Adapazari is 12 km away.

Çobanlar Castle: It is near the Sakarya River and close to Geyve.

Pashalar Village Castle: It is in Pashalar village of Pamukova.

Courthouse: It is in the court village.

Söğütlü Kalesi: It is near the place where the impeller water is poured into the Sakarya River.

Seyitler Castle, Kurt Village Castle, Kanlıçay Castle, Karapürçek Castle are some of the old ones.

Ali Fuat Paşa Bridge: It is in Geyve Bosphorus. Tariqi rebuilt the Second Bâyezîd Khan in 1497 in this bridge.

Victory Jewelry: Justinianus is at one end of the bridge. It’s in ruin.

Akyazı Tumulus: It is located near Küçücek Village. Historical remains from the Roman period were found.

Roman Memorial Tomb: It is on the way to Pamukova-Bilecik.

Bitina Tombs, Ayvalıkdere Fountain and Kadı Bridge are other works from the old ages.

Occupying places: There are many recreational places in Sakarya, which has a transition climate between Black Sea climate and Mediterranean climate. These are usually gathered on the shores of the lakes and on the shores of the Black Sea.

The main ones are:

Hasan Mountain: It is on the shore of Lake Sapanca on the Istanbul-Ankara highway. There is a beautiful scenic promenade between cedar and pine trees. It is famous for its clean and sweet waters.

Çark Mesiresi: Adapazarı’na very close to the promenade is located near the Chark River. It is very beautiful around the Impeller Water from Sapanca. Reorganized and presented to the service of the people.

Akgöl: It is on the Karasu highway 12 km away from the city center. It is a small grove picnic area near the lake. All kinds of freshwater fish live on the lake. In addition, rabbits, partridges and wild ducks are hunted around the lake.

Sakarya Mouth: It is the place where Sakarya River flows into the Black Sea. It attracts attention with its beach, fresh water and caverns. Famous for its cold water, Ayı İni cağarası is here.

Lake Sapanca: The view is very beautiful. There are freshwater fish on the lake. It is also rich in game animals. There are tourist facilities along the banks.

Mayden Creek: Both sides of the stream are forest and nursery. The cascades in the upper part attract interest. There is a hunting house on the promenade.

Domdom Kaya: It’s from Girdle’s Croka village. It is a rock at an altitude of 476 m. He is a judge of Geyve near Pamukova. Güreyik Water comes out of the cave under the rock.

Acarlar Lake: It is in Kaynarca district. The periphery of the lake is surrounded by ash. It’s a nice picnic place.

Drinking and spas: There are many spas and drinking in the province of Sakarya. Some of them are:

Kuzuluk Thermal Spring and Mayden Water: It is located in Kuzuluk village 8 km away from the district of Akyazı. Facilities are available. Thermal water bath for rheumatism, neuralgia, nephritis and gynecological diseases; Drinking and mood disorders, liver and biliary tract diseases, diabetes, eczema and psoriasis.

Ilıcaköy Drink: It is located in the district of Ilıcaköy at a distance of 15 km to Geyve district. It has a five-tap fountain and no accommodation facilities. Good for your illnesses.

Hair Bath: It is located in the Paşalar village of Pamukova district. The facilities are insufficient. Hot spring water is recommended for rheumatism, neuralgia, nephritis, gynecological diseases, neurasthenia and nervous patients.

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