History and Tourist Destinations of Bitlis Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Historians have started the history of Bitlis from different times. 5000 years, like 7000 years of history. In fact, Bitlis dates back to the period of Yenitaş, which we call the Neolithic Age. This period, called the Neolithic Age, Yenitaş or Polished Stone Age, is the archaeological period between Ortataş and Tunç Devri. This period BC It covers 3000 years to 9000 years.

The written history of Bitlis and its region is quite dark. The most important reasons are that the finds on the surface are scarce and that there is no realistic archaeological work to date.

The obsidian (natural glass deposits) in the Süphan and Nemrut mountains within the Bitlis province indicate that the history of this region dates directly to the Neolithic period, if not directly. It is understood that the natural glass obtained from obsidian beds is used as scraper, cutter, scraper in the settlements in the surrounding area.

As a result of the studies carried out again, the commercial road of that turn was to the south of Van Lake (the Chalcolithic – Maden Period settlement area Tilkitepe) and to the west of Diyarbakir province (Çayönü, a Neolithic settlement close to Ergani) .1 It is a fact that Bitlis was settled between Van and Diyarbakir because of the fact that the trade to be made from Van to Diyarbakır will be made only through Bitlis during those periods. It is a fact that Bitlis has been a settlement place since the Neolithic period.

Neolithic Age, BC In the year 3000, it was ending. When we take this historical base, we see that Bitlis has a history and a history of 5000 years. Perhaps the history of Bitlis is even older than that. Neolithic Age in Southwestern Asian Countries 9000-5000, Neolithic Age in European Countries 6500 BC on Danube shores 5500, it is very likely that the history of Bitlis is more than 5000 years, 5000 – 7000 years.

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