History and Tourist Destinations of Erzincan Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Located in the upper part of the Euphrates in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Erzincan is one of the oldest cultural centers of Anatolia. Located on the historical silk road route, the city was dominated by Hittite, Urartu, Med, Pers, Hellen, Roman, and after the Malazgirt Victory, it became Turkish and Ottoman dominated. Erzincan is a tourism paradise with its natural beauties, geography, cuisine and shopping facilities as well as cultural richness.

The districts of Erzincan province; Çayırlı, İliç, Kemah, Kemaliye, Otlukbeli, Refatiye, Trecan and Üzümlü.
Çayırlı: It is unknown which date the province was located at 114 km from Erzincan. Places to be visited in the province are the mausoleums built by Karslı Tahir Usta in 1219, the walls are woven with stones, decorated with tumbled wood, and the monastery crater lake, the Great Plateau, the Seven Lakes and the Kartallı village.
Ilic: The first settlement date of Ilçen, which is located 153 km away from Erzincan, is not known precisely. There are many mounds and historical buildings in the villages of Ilic. Most of these were carried out in scientific excavations and investigations. In Altıntaş village, there are many remnants belonging to Romans and later periods.
Kemah: Historical sites such as Kemah Castle, Gülabibey Cesme and Baths, Melik Gazi Tomb and Zaviyesi, Tugay Hatun Kümbeti, Ali Baba Türbesi, Gözcü Baba Türbesi, Hacı Mahmut Bey Fountain, Alaattin Bey Fountain are some of the places to visit in 52 km distance to Erzincan. And the Ice Cave and the Cold Water Recreation Area.
Kemaliye: It was built in a beautiful valley along the Keban Dam Lake, 194 km from Erzincan. Places to visit and see in the district include the ruins of Endiçi Castle, Roman Cemetery and Topkapi Mosque, Orta Mosque. In addition, we can count the Hıdır Abdal Sultan Turbes, which shows the characteristics of the Seljuk Ottoman architecture in Ilçenin Ocak village.
Otlukbeli: In 1473, the Otluk Battle between Fatih Sultan Mehmet and the Akkoyunlu Sovereign Uzun Hasan was carried out in this district, which is 142 km away from Erzincan. The formation of a traverten sedi (lake of traverten sediments formed by mine waters), which is 6 km north-west of the district center, still continues today. The most important feature of Otlukbeli Lake is that it is uniform in the world among the known species of the lake and formation of the lake. Because of this feature, the lake is also considered as a natural monument.
Refahiye: It is 71 km away from Erzincan. Places to visit in the district include Kutlutepe, Kutsal Kaya, Kadıköy Church, Central Mosque, Köroğlu Cave, Bal Rock, Refahiye Forests and Dumanlı Yaylasını. Separate from the 42nd Km. In the distance, Yildirim Akbulut Kayak Facilities provide services.
Üzümlü: It is 23 km to Erzincan. Away. Places to visit in the province include Akkoyunlu Mosque, Hacı Nurullah Mosque, and historical ruins such as Şeyh Karpuz Cave, Aygır Lake, Hıdırellez Lake, Bayırbağ Değirmenönü Recreation Area and Karakaya Çermik Recreation Area

Tercan: It is 88 km away from Erzincan. Among the places to visit in the province are Kefrenci Temple, Pekeriç (Çadırkaya Castle), Kötür Bridge and Mama Hatun which is the most interesting and important piece of medieval Turkish architecture caravanserai, hamam, mosque and mosque.

How to go?
Highway: The terminal has been in the city and can be reached by bus line.
Bus Station Tel: (+ 90-446) 214 16 03
Railway: It is possible to reach to the railway station by city bus and bus line. There are daily train services between Erzincan Divriği. Eastern Express also works every day.
Station Tel: (+ 90-446) 214 44 25 – 214 44 26 – 214 18 56
Airline: Erzincan Airport is 7 km away from the city center. Transportation to the airport is made by inner city taxis.
Airport Tel: (+ 90-446) 214 44 25 – 214 18 56

Mosque, Tomb and Complexes
Mosque, Tomb and Complexes
Terzibaba Tomb, Hıdır Abdal Sultan Tomb and Melik Gazi Tomb are the attractions worth seeing. The Gülabibey Mosque in Kemah is still used today.
Mama Hatun Complex: It is located in Tercan district. The Sovereign of the Sovereigns Il. Mama Hatun, the daughter of İzzettin, built the most interesting and important artifact of medieval Turkish architecture in Tercan, a large complex consisting of a caravanserai, a bath, a mosque and its own tobes.

Kemah Castle: The founding of the Kemah Kalesin, one of the oldest and natural monuments of Anatolia, dates back to the Hittite-Urartu period. Kalenin, which is built on the Sarp rocks, has two interiors and is surrounded by walls.

Erzincan – Bolkar
Erzincan – Bolkar
Bolkar Ski Center is located in the Bolkar Mountains on the main road route 40 km from Erzincan.
Transportation: It is possible to reach the facilities from the city center via passenger buses and private cars.
Geography: The ski season starts in December and continues until April. Snow thickness is 60-100 cm.
Accommodation and Other Services: There is a ski house in the center.
Mechanical Facilities and Pistons: There is a ski lift with a length of 1050 meters, a ski lift with a capacity of 1200 people, and a baby-lift facility with a length of 300 meters. The runway length is 1100 meters and it is medium-difficult level. The track width is 100-200 meters and the average slope is 20%.

Abrenk Church: The entrance gate of the church located near Üçpınar Village of Tercan district passes 1854 date. There is a chapel with the church and two stones. These stones attract attention with its architecture and decoration. They carry the inscriptions dated to the time of the Seljuk Prince Nasurettin after a century.

Ice Caves: It is in Ayranpınar village of Kemah district. There are large ice masses and stalactites and stalagmites formed by the ice in the cave.
Ala Cave: The cave located in the north-east of the Kemaliye district contains corridors and channels.
Köroğlu Cave: The cave located in Altkoy district of Refahiye district is reached with stone stairs.

Occupancy Locations
Occupancy Locations
Otlukbeli Lake: The most important feature of Otlukbeli Lake is the uniform type of the bell and its formation in the lake types within the world known as day-to-day. Because of this feature, the lake is considered a natural monument. Otlukbeli Lake Erzurum was declared as a protected area with the decision of the Preservation Board for Cultural and Natural Assets.
Girlevik Çağlayanı: Located 29 km south east of Erzincan in Çağlayan District, the waterfall is famous for its natural serenity and beauty. Climbing in the stalactites formed by the freezing of the water in winter and providing cooling opportunity in cold waters in the summer, Girlevik Çağlayan attracts many local and foreign tourists.
Aygir Lake: Located on the Monk Mountain The lake is a place for picnics and relaxation, which has a crater-like feature as well as natural beauty.

Museums and Historical Sites
Mills and
Erzincan Museum Detailed Information
Address: Hükümet Cad. No: 56 – Erzincan
Tel: (446) 214 80 21
Historical sites
Altıntepe: 15 km from the city center. In the distance, Erzincan-Erzurum highway 100 m. To the north. It is one of the strongest Urartian cities that can reach the sun. During the scientific excavations and researches carried out in 1959, the temple-palace complex, tombs, houses and numerous archeological artifacts, which were protected by two castle walls, were unearthed.
Located in the mound, Among the works of the 8th century are ivory and metal items, helmets and shields, ceramics and wall paintings. Nailed bronze names, king names were found. The high-level artifacts of the bright period of Urartu art are exhibited in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum. In Altıntepe finds god, human, animal figures and motifs are important. Altıntepe residences consist of temple-palace complex, columnar reception hall, open air temple, three tombs and warehouse buildings.

Erzincan province is generally covered with mountains and platelets. The plains and plains in the pits between the mountain lines are connected by the straits. Waves between the plains and mountain lines are split, with wavy platolar settlements.
The general vegetation of the surroundings of Erzincan and Tercan is steptir. Shrubs and stalagmites are found on high mountains. Pine groves, shrubs and shrubs are found widely in the west of Erzincan, especially from Refahiye to Kemah and around Kemaliye. The largest river of the province is the Karasu River.
Erzincan has a continental climate feature. Erzincan is living longer and warmer summer season than the surroundings.

What to eat?
The local cuisine is rich in food types. Most of them are made up of pastries. Dear, cut soup (flour soup) leaf wrapping is the main food types. In addition, water berry, especially kettles and sweets are consumed a lot of pastry.
Recipes from Erzincan
2 cup flour
3 spoon butter
1 cup molasses
Preparation: Flour and salt are made into dough with water. The dough is separated into beads by the size of the egg, and the beads are opened in thick yufka. Cookies are cooked on hot hair. It is stored in a thick cloth to prevent cold, then it is lubricated with the mixture obtained by melting the butter and stirring the molasses into both sides. The oiled yufka is rolled into two fingers wide, cut into 2-3 cm thick and placed on top. Again pour molasses butter over.
1/2 kg. Apricot
2-3 soup spoon butter
1 cup of coarse ground walnut
Preparation: Apricot flour is washed with plenty of water and cleaned. Put water on a tencered envelope until it covers, and the apricot curd is cooked until it softens. It is taken from the fire and left to rest. The resting saffron is drained from the strainer and taken to the serving tray. Spread the butter over the pan, sprinkle on large chopped walnuts and serve.

What to Buy
Hand-made copperware (samovar, tray, biblo, wall plate, candy, vase, etc.), carpet weaving are the unique gift items that can be taken from Erzincan.
It is recommended to take Erzincan panslee and Erzincan Tulum cheese in the shops to be made in Erzincan.

Do not Turn
Without visiting the city of Altıntepe,
Without seeing Mama Hatun Caravansary, Terzi Baba Turbes and Kemah Kalesi,
Erzincan did not eat trout in front of the Girlevik Waterfall,
Without seeing the city view from Esentepe,
Ekşisu promenade area to drink mineral water from the source, without entering the natural jacuzzi,
Erzincan copper handicrafts and Erzincan pan fried lebbis with Erzincan Tulum without cheese
… Do not turn around.

Archaeological Sites: 20
Urban Site: –
Natural Sites: 2
Historic Sites: 2
Other Sites
Historical and Urban Sit: 1
Total: 25
Culture (Tailor Made Scale) and Natural Assets: 81

Contact information
Provincial Culture Directorate
Tel: (446) 214 30 79
Fax: (446) 214 80 22
Provincial Tourism Directorate
(+ 90-446) 214 31 89
Cultural Centers
Salon for 550 people including opera, ballet, theater
Cinema Hall for 150 people
Art Works
Address for correspondence: Directorate of Cultural Center
Atatürk Mah. 126th Street. No: 1 – Erzincan
Tel: (446) 223 55 38
Fax: (446) 214 80 22
Important Phones
Governorship: (+ 90-446) 214 10 01
Municipality: (+ 90-446) 214 98 95
Hospital: (+ 90-446) 214 14 22
Police: (+ 90-446) 214 75 50
Gendarmerie: (+ 90-446) 223 43 62

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