History and Tourist Destinations of Isparta Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Isparta province is a tourist city with its natural beauties, its riches, transportation, rose and cherry gardens, lakes, fish and game animals and famous towns.

The places of Târihi: In Isparta there are remnants of the Seljuk and Ottoman devine monuments.

KhidrbeyCami: 1312’de Hamidoğulların’dan Hizir Bey was built. The castle in the neighborhood of Kemic, was demolished in 1889, and then re-built.

Kutlu Bey Câmii: It was built in 1415 by Isparta Subaşısı Kutlu Bey of the Hamidoğulları. The castle in Çarşı was demolished in 1914 amphitheater and later built.

İplikCami: It was built by Hacı Abdi Ağa in 1550 in the vicinity of Isparta. It is also known as Hacı Abdi Ağa Cayi. In 1781, HalilHamid Pasha made his sadrâmam and made a library near his side. The library has well written works and 14 thousand skin works. It was severely damaged in 1914 and was rebuilt in 1917 and built in two floors.

Firdevs Beycili: In 1561 the Isparta district was built by Firdevsbay. It is one of the unexposed dated buildings in 1914. It is also known as Mimar Sinan Câmii because it was built by Mimar Sinin. In 1783 Halil Hamid Pasha was appointed as his sadrâzam.

AtabeyErtokush Madrasah: It is in Atabey district. In 1224 Mübârizüddîn Ertokuş was built. In 1964, there was a tomb of Gâzi Ertokuş beside the presidential palace.

Dündar Bey Madrasa: It is located in Eğirdir district. It was built by Kılıçarslan in 1119. There are 30 rooms, 1 masjid, 2 lecture halls and hammam. It is made of marble stone, which is natuously and ornate. It is a unique shale of Turkish art of marriage and decoration. The two storeys, the mediterranean, have remained a solid day.

Ertokuş Han: It is on Eğirdir-Konya highway. It was built by Ertokus Bey in 1223. It is on the coast of Eğirdir.
Firdevsbey Bedesten: In 1561, Firdevsbey was made to bring in the profits. It is used as a bedesten covered bazaar which is seen in 1967 as tamay.

EğirdirKalesi: The town surrounded by lake water on three sides is surrounded by the walls from the land. There are two parts, the interior and the exterior. The castle is in ruins. The 10-15 meter section of the interior is solid.

Uluborlu Castle: It was built on the slope of Kapıdağ. It is very steep and sunny in the east. It has come from the inside and outside. It is not certain when and by whom.

Mesîre Places: Isparta is a very rich village in terms of natural beauty.

Gölcük: It is located in Hisartepe on the southwest of the city center and is surrounded by trees and covered with trees and is 13 km away from the city center.

Eğirdir Gölü: It is one of the most beautiful lakes of Turkey after Abant. In the middle part of Isparta there is a forested sahada among the mountains.

Kovada Lake Park: The lake is surrounded with beautiful views. The lake is surrounded by national parks, full of plane trees, oak and scarlet trees. There are small islands in this area.

Çamyolu: On the Eğirdir-Sütçüler highway is a picnic area with plentiful and tasty waters covered with pine forests on the Davrazdağı skirts.

Kuyucak: It is a resting place on the Keçiborlu-Senirkent highway.

Kızıldağ National Park: It is in the district of Şarkikaraağaç. It is a forested area. It has eroded with erosion between Kızıldağ and Beyşehir Gölü and various forms of archeology have come into being.

Drinks and spas: Isparta is not very rich in terms of sanitary waters. Known drinks and hot springs are:

Sinap (Sav) Water: 8 km away from the city center near Sav village.

Değirmendere Drink: It is 2 km away from Keçiborlu near Değirmendere village. Although it is said that it is good for the diseases of mide, it is advised not to drink because of free sulfur acid in water.

Tota Drink: It is in Tota forests on Isparta-Eğirdir road. It is good for mide and bowel diseases.

Sulfuric Boiling Water: It is 4 km away from Keçiborlu. Bath and mud cures are useful in treating skin diseases.

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