History and Tourist Destinations of Zonguldak Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Tourism, which is one of the most dynamic sectors of the country’s economy, has achieved a significant development line in our province in recent years and has become a valuable employment and service area with private and public undertakings.

The climatic conditions of our city, long-term opportunity to choose the option based on the sea sand-sun triangle; But the natural beauties created by the combination of forests, springs, caves and water-green forming the important part of the province’s geography makes Zonguldak an important attraction point for the lovers of nature and therefore all plans for the future in the tourism field of the province are considered in this frame. For this purpose, the Göcek Cave Tourism Use Project and the Culture Tourism Project (İnanç Turizmi), which were initiated by the Provincial Tourism Directorate in 1994, are the first tourism destinations served to the province of Cehennemağzı Cave.

In addition, Zonguldak Governorship is an important investment of trzem that meets the requirements in this respect in terms of the facilities (accommodation, food, entertainment, sports) and services provided by the 100th Year Atatürk Service Village which was built in Bakacakkadı District in Provincial Administration of Private Zonguldak Province.


Zonguldak is rich in natural beauty. The coasts along the Black Sea coast, the beaches, the caves with a wonderful natural environment, the vegetation cover and the forest residence areas that can stay green all four seasons are the natural resources that can be evaluated in terms of tourism. Many natural beaches and beaches are located in the 80 km coastline stretching from Sazköy in the east to Akçakoca in the west and are the main places where the local people spend their day in summer.

These are followed by Filyos, Turkali, Göbü, Kapuz, Değirmenağzı, Ilıksu, Erdemir, Ereğli Municipality, Alaplı Municipality, Military Beach and Big Blue Coast Projects within the scope of “Blue Flag Project”.

Zonguldak and Kdz. Ereğli harbors are oriented towards industrial and commercial purposes. From Zonguldak port to Ukraine’s Skadovsk, Evpatoria, to Russia’s Novorossky ports ro-ro transport is made.

Nature Tourism
The green texture covering more than half of the provincial lands consists of a wide variety of undergrowth vegetation covered with needles and broad-leaved trees. These areas, which are used as picnic sites in the summer months, have potential to respond to activities such as trekking, photo safari, angling, hunting and wildlife. Ulutan, Göldağı, Beycuma Yayla, Bostandüzü, 100th Anniversary, National Sovereignty, suburban services such as water, wc, sitting groups, telephone are provided at resting places in forests, shopping, eating and drinking are met. In the fall, there is a tent camping area, six chalets, trout and deer production areas, and angling in the lakes.

The Divan Plateau (1637 m), the highest peak of the province, is a natural environment candidate for highland tourism with its plateau houses, living tradition tradition and rich vegetation cover.

Harmankaya and Değirmenağzı in the center of Zonguldak, Kdz. In Ereğli, waterfalls and trekking areas in the Gunesli regions are suitable places in terms of nature tourism.
There are no natural lakes within the province borders. In the center Ulutan Lake Araj (114 ha), Kdz. In Ereğli, Kızılcapınar Dam Lake (240 ha) and Gülüç Dam Lake (127 ha) and Dereköy Göltei (20 ha) in Çatalağzı site are artificial lakes for industrial purposes. The surrounding area of ​​these lakes is used as daily rest areas by local people.


Harmankaya located in Central Kokaksu District, Değirmenağzı and Kdz. In Ereğli, Güneşli Kayalıdere Waterfalls are the most important waterfalls in the province and are used for trekking and picnic purposes.

Yayla Tourist

Alaplı Bacaklı Yayla (1637 m), which is the highest peak of Zonguldak, is a natural environment candidate for “winter tourism” with its existing highland tradition or “highland tourism” with its houses, under snow for about 2-3 months.

Zonguldak is rich in water and green combination. Forest areas, streams, trenches, caverns, etc. Natural beauties are suitable places for photo safari. Bostandüzü, Göldağı, 100. Yıl, National Sovereignty, Ulutan, Yayla Mevkii Forest rest areas; Harmankaya, Güneşli, Değirmenağzı estuaries and waterfalls; Gökgöl, Sofular, Kızılelma, Cumayanı caves; The areas such as volcano plateau, legged plateau have unique beauty for those who want to make a photo safari.
Cultural Tourism

The historical and archaeological monuments of the province that have not been sunny yet, the ruins are an important cultural tourism potential and their historical surroundings, Kdz. Ereğli (Heraklia Pontic), Filyos (Tieion) is not only a tarihe, but a subject of mythology.

Kdz.Eregli (Heraclla Pontic)
BC VI. It was taken from Herculean (Heracles), the famous hero of the Greek mythology, Kdz.Eregili, which was founded in the century by the Mariandins from the Phrygian line and was an important commercial emperion. The city preserved its importance in Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Acheron Valley where the caves of Cehennemağzı are located, especially the ruins of the ruins of the Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, Ereğli Castle, Heracles (Hercules) palace, Çeştepe lighthouse, Byzantine water cistern, Krispos memorial tomb, Byzantine church, The Haghia Sophia Church and Halil Pasha are important historical remains of the mansion.

Filyos (Tieion, Teion, Tion)
The Filyos ancient city, where the Filyos River was cast into the Black Sea, was known by the name Billaius. This name derives from the word Pailaios, which means the place where water passes. The most common name of the city is Tieion. This word comes from the founder of the city, the cleric Tios.

The ancient names of some settlements in our city are as follows:

Zonguldak: Sandrake
Alaplı: Cales
Kdz.Ereged: Herakleia Pontike
Filyos: Teion, Tion
Culinary: Crenides

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