History and Touristic Places of Edirne Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

The Edirne province, which is the border of Greece with Bulgaria, became one of the most important cities in Europe and the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century. It is the capital city of the Ottoman Empire for a period of 100 years. Edirne is a museum that lives with its mosques, religious complexes, bridges, old market places, caravansaries and palaces.

The provinces of Edirne; Enez, Havsa, İpsala, Keşan, Lalapaşa, Meric, Süloğlu and Uzunköprü’dir.

Havsa: Havsa is located on the northern half of Edirne and on the Lalapaşa plateau. Hafsa Hatan is a han, Grand Vizier Sokollu Mehmet Pasha has built a mosque and a mosque of the time (the Minister of Finance). The complex, which is a multifunctional building society, is the work of Mimar Sinan.

İpsala: İpsala is located in the southern half of Edirne. The Ottoman structure that has survived is the Alaca Mustafa Pasha Mosque. It is a single dome and a single minaret. In terms of wooden workmanship, art is worth it.

Keşan: The district is in the southern half of Edirne. Historical values ​​are three stone bridges over the Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque and the Hebrew-Keşan caravan road. The low coast of Uzunkum is convenient for sea tourism. The district is located in the tourist areas of Edirne, with its regular roads and tourist accommodation certified places. The important event of the province in terms of domestic tourism is the spring festival called diyallik held in Hıdırellez with panariye.

Lalapaşa: The district is in the northern half of Edirne. The most important historical monuments in the district are tombs and temples dating from the Stone Age. This type of bed, Tablataş, Kapaklıkaya, Perikızı House (dolmen) is called. The place of worship is Ulutaş (menhir). These are rare found objects in the world. The castle in Sinanköy is in ruins.

Meriç: The district is located in the middle part of Edirne and at the south-western corner of Lalapaşa Yaylasını. Important events in terms of domestic tourism are the spring festivals, which are known as the Beyköy branch and Maya.

Süloğlu: It is in the northern half of Edirne and on the Lalapaşa Plateau. The dam is attracted as a picnic area around the lake.

Uzunköprü: It is in the middle part of the district Edirne and on the Trakya Yontukdüzü. The most famous historical building is the Ergene Bridge, which is the work of architect Muslihiddin. Its length is 1200 meters, the number of belts exceeds 170. Other important structures, II. Murat Complex is the only minaret and roof Muradiye Mosque, II. Halise Hatun Mosque built by architect Hayreddin during Bayezit time, Çifte Hamam which is a foundation of külliyen, fountains added to the bridge. The bridge is named after Hürriyet Çeşmesi, which was added during the second Constitutional period. The other older historical fountains are Telli Çeşme with fountains of Gazi Mahmut (Municipal Park), Halise Hatun (Hacı İbrahim Ağa or Tosbağacı). Important domestic tourism events are the spring festival called Dallık, hunting parties and fair held at Bülbül Stream.

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