Historical and Touristic Places of Bingöl Province

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Bingöl, which has been the center of history throughout history, has few historical works.

Cigu Mosque: It was built by Akkoyunlu Pir Ali Bey in 1401-1402 years. This mosque in the county district is the oldest of the Turkish-Islamic works that have come to the area day by day. 1734, 1767 and 1797.

Kigi Castle: It is built on a steep rock on a rock, 6 km away from Kigi. It’s pretty hard to get out here. The commander of the Kaleyi Islamic armies, Hazrat-i Khalid bin Velid, conquered. It is estimated that it is the structure of the Byzantine period. A large part of it has been destroyed.

Seritarius Castle: It is in the valley of Murad River, 20 km away from the center of Bingöl. It was made by Urartular. Nowadays it is a mass of stones.

King Kızı Kalesi (Dara-Hini): It is in the young city and was built for the daughter of Persian King Dara. It is on a hill where the Diyarbük Brook and Kansper Brook merges. It is in ruins today.

Occupation Locations: The promenade locations of Bingöl are very beautiful. If necessary tourist facilities are built, Bingöl is not a unique center for tourism. The most beautiful view of the birth of the sun is Bingöl after the Himalayas. There is no third place other than these two places.

Kaletepe: It is on the Bingöl Mountains in Karlıova county. It is very pleasing to watch the sunrise and thousands of small ponds in Kaleket (3250 m).

Kırevi: It is located on Elazığ highway which is 10 km away from Bingöl. It is a unique promenade with forests and ice resources.

Kayakevi: It is on Bingol-Elazığ highway. It is 20 km from Bingöl. It has all kinds of comforts. There are all facilities for winter sports.

Kaymakevi: Kayakevince is 5 km away. Kaymak and the girl are famous. There is a beautiful view.

Cold Fountain: It is on Bingol-Karlıova road and it is 30 km away from Bingöl. It is a wooded place. Water sources such as ice are famous for its delicacies made from delicious meats.

Kerek Creek: It is a promenade covered with trees in the vicinity of the settlement.

Spas: There are many hot springs in Bingöl with the exception of Kös Thermal Baths.

Kös Thermal Spring: It is 18 km away from Fahran Buca. There are vascular opening benefits in baths, painful illnesses, rheumatism, circulatory disorders in the arms and leg veins. Drinks, liver, gall bladder, stomach intestinal diseases, especially diabetes is useful.

Dikpınar Ilıcası: It is 30 km. It’s good for skin disease.

Horhor (Sledgehammer) Spa: It is in the county. The water is sulfur and very hot. It’s good for skin disease.

Çerme Kaplıcası: It is in Çerme village of Karlıova. It’s good for rheumatism.

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