Holiday Holidays in Antalya

Seyahat Rehberi

Seyahat Rehberi

Antalya is in the south of the Taurus Mountains on the Mediterranean coast, and 39 m. It is built on an incredibly beautiful shoreline consisting of high rocks and long sandy beaches. It is an invaluable paradise where sportive activities such as water skiing, surfing, sea tours and mountaineering can be done as well as those who enjoy the sun all year round with clean and clear waters and enjoying the water.

Between the Taurus mountains, numerous large and thin plains, numerous small rivers, spill into the sea and into the sea, creating beautiful waterfalls rarely encountered. It adds a distinctive feature to the caves in the coastal areas. The forests and sesame fields of all kinds of oak and pine trees, orange, lemon and banana gardens create a distinct beauty. Summer months are hot and dry. In other months, a rainy and warm climate dominates. The annual average temperature is 18.7 degrees centigrade. It is rare that the temperature falls below zero degrees centigrade. According to observations of the past 40 years, the highest temperature has been 44.6 degrees

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